Infected belly button vs brain tumor

I called my brother two days a go after I left the doctors. I have an infected belly button, which is something I never heard of. I told him and he answered I have a brain tumor. My response was ,“you win”.
His wife was gone for 2 weeks on business and when she walked in the first thing she said was ,there’s something wrong with you. He did not know what she was talking about but his emails have been full of bad spelling and punctuation errors. . He has been a professional writer for over 40 years.
So after being checked out for various possible explanations they did a brain scan and found a tumor. He goes in Monday for a biopsy. That has to be a long and ugly weekend for him.
The internets say there are over 200 kinds of brain tumors. So my quest for information tells me nothing. We wait, scared and worried .

! So sorry to hear that gonzomax. Waiting for news is the excruciating part. I will keep your brother and the rest of your family in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how things go.

Good thoughts for both of you. I don’t know anything about infected belly buttons or brain tumors, other than to wish both of you recoveries as speedy as is possible.

Yikes, how scary. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sometimes even a Tumor isn’t a HUGE deal, my story:

I was in the fast-food business and had been working so much that I had let my drivers license expire, I quit that job and I figured that if I was going to be job-hunting having I.D. would be a good thing.

I went to the DPS office and failed the vision test so I bought some cheap-o magnifier glasses and went back only to fail again, I figured that an eye exam was a good idea so I went to an Optometrist’s for an exam and new glasses.

The eye-exam lady put me on a machine that lets them look at your eyes but after a minute told me to relax as the machine needed to be re-calibrated, this was repeated several times until she called the Doctor over to fix the machine. He looked at my eyes and freaked out saying “go to the Hospital now!”.

I go to the County Hospital (just quit my job, remember?) and after being examined by (no kidding) 29 Neuro Opthamologists I find out I have an Orbital Tumor that is unraveling my Optic nerve and the reduced blood-flow is damaging the center of the nerve (Optic Glioma O/S) and I was told that I would be going blind soon, that was 19 years ago and I have NO effects from it (other than failing Visual Field tests miserably and not seeing in the dark well at all).

To quote Denis Leary “Doctors, it’s all guesswork in a white coat” so don’t get too worked up until you KNOW what your dealing with.

Good luck

My brother had two brain tumors. They originally only saw the one but when they went in to remove it they found the other.

Apart from some meds he has to take, he’s perfectly normal and healthy now.

Good that was the kind of stuff i need. Now tell me the horrors of an infected belly button.

Luck to you both.

Best wishes to you and your Brother, Gonz…

My Stepson was diagnosed with a grade III astrocytoma in 1999 and told to expect to survive ± 12 months.
He continues to do well.

He claims it is all due to skateboarding and smoking reefer. Whatever works…

Good thoughts for your brother.

The worst thing you might need is a bellybuttonectomy. :smiley:

Seriously, I would think that a treatment of antibiotics would be the answer.

I am on K-Flex. I don’t like anti -biotics if I can help it, but a belly button infection can get ugly. It is a damp little incubator.

Very sorry to hear about your brother, gonzomax. My sympathies to Least Original User Name, too. As for your own problem, I guess the good news is they can’t remove your belly button.

Wait. What is up with LOUNE?

you know, with the right reconstructive surgeon and a sense of humor, going to the beach afterwards could be a blast!

no belly button, or maybe 2 belly buttons :smiley:

If your belly button comes undone, your butthole will fall out!

Well, that’s what Dad told me when I was nine.

Prayers & good wishes for you & your brother!

LOUNE is gonzomax’s son, which would make him gonzo’s brother’s nephew.

Hey! Nothing’s wrong with me yet!

I’ve never been sick in my life! I’ve got a good streak going on!

…Oh no, I can’t stop using exclamation marks! Damn youuuuuuuu!

Well, I screwed up your user name, so there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue: But mostly I was extending my sympathies on the bad news for your uncle.

So…perhaps you’re infected with bad fingeritis?

Yeah. Here’s to hoping it goes good, or at least, as good as it can.

My brother has had excellent health . He still has his tonsils and adenoids. He never had childhood injuries or sicknesses. He never had a weight problem, never drank too much and never smoked.But in his young 40s he had a heart attack. Because he was in such good shape he was back to normal in 6 weeks, working like always and swimming.
He and I never smoked but both our parents were on Luckys and Camels while we grew up.Smoke always bothered us.
It must be caused by his constant use of a cell phone.