belly button pain

Hope I am in the right forum…

I am experiencing occasional twinges of pain in my belly button. (Note: I am not manually irritating the area; I am not pregnant–can’t think of any other possible reason for this). Is this pain cause for concern? I’m a little freaked out…

See a doctor, it could be any number of problems. Hernia or cyst springs to mind, but I’m not a doctor.

A friend of mine once had a terrible cyst next to his belly button. It had to be removed surgically, and when it was over, he was astonished to discover the surgeons had removed his belly button too! You should have seen his stomach, it was the freakiest thing…

Maybe it’s just adjusted too tight. Try loosening it 1/4 turn. :slight_smile:


In-ny or out-ty? Either way, could be an infection. Mrs. Photog does in-home care for elderly and/or otherwise disabled people. If ya’ don’t keep that thing clean, all kinds 'o stuff can grow in there. Don’t ask about the morbidly obese folks who can’t clean between the folds of fat…ick!

Thank you for that image Photog…

I think I once asked her about BB Lint. that was fun.

You can search more at for BB stuff…otherwise see a doc. Wouldn’t want the board getting sued for giving you advice would ya?

Did you try removing the piercing? :wink:


Hey felicity. Get serious, ignore the jokers posting. An infection, hernia etc. are all bad things that need to be treated. Get thee to a doctor.

rastahomie’s laxative recommendation is not merely a bad joke, it is in fact extremely bad advice. Laxatives when you have an inflamed hernia are a very bad thing.

See a doctor pronto. Note the redundancy.

Just to explain: if your abdominal wall is too weak near the navel, a small loop of intestine might slip through it into the space between the wall and the belly button. Bad stuff happens from then on.

A quote from one site (babycenter) on umbilical hernias:
“However, if you do notice any swelling, tenderness, or discoloration around the area, call your doctor right away. In very rare cases, a piece of the intestine can get caught in the opening which can cut off blood flow to the area and require immediate surgery. Vomiting and constipation may also be symptoms of this problem.”

And that’s for just one of the possible causes.

Outside of “go see a doctor” do not take anyone’s advice posted here. Take the doctor’s advice instead.

Am I making myself clear here?

I’m thin and my BB is clean! Maybe it is something serious…

Thanks for your referral to webmd and for the excerpt. My BB doesn’t hurt today but I am nervous enough to get it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry (it became a cliche for a reason :).