Belly Buttons - Weird Sensation

Ok so i understand what a belly button is. Thanks to my recent googling i even have a little understanding of what happens internally after birth.

What i can’t find an explanation for is that weird sensation i get when i poke my belly button. It’s like a pain but not quite painful, and it feels like it’s connected in some way all the way down to the very tip of my penis.

So what’s that all about then? Im familiar with the pinch one place feel pain elsewhere thing (my back is very sensitive to this). But it doesn’t feel like that. It really feels like there is a very real connection all the way down there.

So, firstly, is this a universal thing? I know i’m not alone but does every male feel this sensation?

Second, why? Why does it feel like that? I’m assuming there is no real connection as such so why does it feel like that?

I think it’s universal. I’m a female and I knew exactly what you were talking about. There are some interesting theories on Wikipedia (it also quotes Madonna as describing a similar sensation) but I know pretty much nothing about anatomy, so I can’t tell you much beyond that I think it is a common human feature.

Yup, all the way down. Like you say, it’s not exactly pain, but it feels odd enough that after about 5 seconds you start wondering what exactly you are doing to yourself. It is unlike any other sensation I can think of.


Which article mentions the sensation?

Finally! Now we understand why the Pilsbury Doughboy just loves getting poked in the belly.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel any weirdness at all right? Right?

Well I feel weirdness that people feel something in their penis when they poke their belly button and I don’t but thats about it.

I get the same…sensation. There’s gotta be some sort of connection, or the nerves must run through the same bundle.

I just tried this to be sure, but I got nothing.

Nothin here.

I get it too. I hate being touched around my belly button. I’m not sure if I’m more sensitive than other people but for me, it’s incredibly uncomfortable. Direct pressure on my belly button is one level below getting kicked in the testicles.

They both make me want to crawl up into a ball.

And now after posting this, just the thought of it is making me feel sick. I hope someone has an answer to this.

There’s some inner membrane that links the umbilicus to the pelvic floor, but I forget what it is. Part of the Scarpa’s fascia, maybe? Colles? No, that’s too low, that all the way down near the balls. Shit, I’m really supposed to remember this stuff…

But really, there is a reason, there’s a layer of fibrous tissue that runs, well, not all the way to the tip of the penis, but quite well down in there, connected to the muscles responsible for ejaculation in men and vaginal constriction in women. It’s all connected, but called different names in different places. Maybe someone who paid better attention in anatomy class can tell us the name of it when it’s up by the belly button. I only remembered stuff until the final and then it all whooshed right back out of my head again.

Man, I really miss gabriela.

Where did she go? I hadn’t noticed, but you’re right, I haven’t seen her around lately.

And me, when I poke my belly button, it feels like… I’m poking my belly button. This weird whatever-it-is you’uns are experienceing might be widespread, but universal it ain’t.

Well I felt it.

lights cigarette

Thank you.

Nope, nuffink

Slight electric shock, like I want to urinate - how interesting.

Yeah, it’s weird innit? I know what you mean about wanting to urinate although it’smuch more than that for me. Um, i mean there is a weird sensation too not that i actually urinate, um, anyway…

I wouldn’t say it’s like pain in the traditional sense but it is deeply unpleasant for me. Not quite as bad as Kid_A but definately pretty high on the ‘no likey’ list.

Ok so **WhyNot ** has the makings of an explanation but not quite all the detail. However it does sound like there is some real connection. Anyone add the exact detail?

Also, now that i think about this more, there are a couple of other questions.

  1. Assuming we have established there some connection, maybe not right to the penis tip (in males anyway), but pretty close. Why is there pain? Sure there are some parts of the body that are more sensitive than others but generally a little pressure just feels like, um, a little pressure. Why does this cause that weird pain sensation at the slightest touch?
  2. Why is it not universal? How come some people seem to have no concept of what the rest of us are talking about? I can understand different levels of sensitivity but we seem to be talking about two pretty far extremes.

sniff I dunno. She had real life stuff come up that she said was going to take her away through January. But then a coupla jerks started being jerky to her in a thread I started. So either the real life stuff isn’t done yet or they scared her away. Dammit.

The more I think about it, the more I think she did answer this question once, but I can’t find it. The closest I’ve found is this post, but it doesn’t cover the descending fascia more specifically than “peritoneum”. I’m stumped. (Ha! A little umbilical pun for ya there.)

If you’re feeling downright “pain” and not just oogyness or a shock or a tugging sensation, then you should have that checked out. Pain isn’t normal, and could indicate a small hernia or infection or something else.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a massage therapist (yes, that’s why I should remember my anatomy of muscles and fascia), it’s that there is no such thing as a “universal” sensation. People is weird and unique. Anything that you think feels great to everyone, up to and including blow jobs, feels horrid to someone. We’re all wired differently, we all have different areas of pain and tension, and we all have different life associations that impact how things feel to us.

Odd. If I push my penis in, my belly button sticks out.

I aim to please!