Ben Affleck to be horribly, terribly miscast!!!!!

There is currently some buzz about Ben Affleck (you have heard of him right?) being cast as Hall of Fame coach Don Haskins.

The Disney produced film will follow the events of the 1966 season, in which Haskins led an obscure state college (Texas Western “Miners”, now UT EL Paso) to the NCAA College Championship. He did so with an all black starting line-up (which sounds rather ordinary now, but at that time it was revolutionary), against the Kentucky Wildcats - at the time still an all-white team, and one with a long history of winning.

Don Haskins is nicknamed the “Bear”, not only because he is rather husky, but also because he has a very ornery temperment. I simply cannot accept pretty boy Affleck as any sort of coach, much less a hard drinking, Oklahoma bred good-old boy Don Haskins. This is simply the worst casting I have ever heard of!! The only person I have heard express any satisfaction with this choice has been…Coach Don Haskins.
Is anyone else here familiar with the subject matter, or is it simply too local (I live around El Paso). Is this a story or coach people elsewhere are familiar with?? I suppose if you have never heard of these people, it doesn’t matter so much.

Oh. I thought maybe they were starring him in the remake of Funny Girl . . .

And here I thought they were going to put him in a good movie…:smiley:

And I thought they were putting him in ANY movie.

To go completely off topic; the number of black baseball players is down considerably. I don’t think any team has an all black starting line up. Actually, I don’t think there are more then 5 on any baseball team.

it’s basKeTball, not baseball

I think it’s time that we all realize that Ben Affleck will be miscast in any role doesn’t involve being married to uber-diva Jennifer Lopez.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hijack. Please understand that it’s all part of the grieving process. I’m still having trouble with everything that has happened. I just don’t know how something so right as star-crossed lovers could turn out so wrong.

Welp, I’m stupid. My apologies.

As long as it’s not a remake of Casablanca. . .

Changing Lanes is good.
Shakespeare in Love is good.
Dazed and Confused is good.
School Ties is good.
Chasing Amy is good.
Good Will Hunting is good.
Boiler Room is good.
I think Dogma is good, but I would agree that it’s arguable.

Yes, he’s been in some stinkers, and so has Lopez, but they’ve both been good in good movies, so this recent fad of trashing their entire careers is pretty ignorant. Why does everything have to be in black and white? There are shades of grey you know.

As far as the OP, it doesn’t sound like something I’d go to see, Affleck or no Affleck, but then, I dislike most sports movies unless it’s really special like North Dallas Forty or The Natural.

All that and no one even mentions that he was DA BOMB in Phantoms?


Arguably all those movies would have been better had a good actor played his part.:smiley:

Ol’ Ben is badly miscast in any movie in which he isn’t playing an asshole.

I am not claiming that Ben is an asshole, mind you. I’ve never met him and he may be a swell guy in real life. But, IMO, he gives off such an ‘asshole’ vibe on screen that he’s impossible to believe as a nice guy.

Ben Affleck IS Abraham Lincoln IN Kick the South’s Ass.

Hey, at least he’s got the “hard drinking” part down…

Just because he was in these movies doesn’t mean he made them good, or was good in them. He had bit parts in many of them, and in those where he had a staring role, he had a GREAT actor playing opposite him (Changing Lanes), or really good writting that helped to distract from him (Chasing Amy).

I haven’t seen all of the above movies, but in all of the ones I have, I’ve hated every scene he’s been in (except for where his head explodes in Dogma). I really like Chasing Amy, but he’s absolutely terrible in that film. And I don’t know why every director who puts him in a movie has to have a scene with him crying! It’s the most pathetic thing ever. He’s not a good actor, he mumbles his lines, eats his words, and whines too much. Pretty much every role I’ve seen him in has been an example of bad casting, with the exception of the date rapist in Mallrats (another really good movie I see you kept off your list).

I feel your pain, syncrolecyne. When Bennifer sightings start making the front page of the El Paso Times, I’m cancelling my subscription.