Bengals receiver Chris Henry fatally injured

This happened here in Charlotte, where his fiancee lives. Apparently it was some sort of domestic issue. He either jumped or was pushed from the bed of a moving pickup truck that the fiancee was driving. The word on the local news is that he’s on life support, but that has not been substantiated. Either way, they say he’s fighting for his life.

Oh man, that’s terrible. He’s always had issues but he seemed to be getting on the right track lately. When I saw the thread title I thought of Sean Taylor who was my favourite non-Steeler in the NFL. I hope he gets better soon

Here’s an AP report that includes what the police know and some of Chris’ football history. He’s pulled away from a lot of trouble and has three kids depending on him. I wish him well.

Local Cincinnati TV is now reporting that Chris has died:

R.I.P., Chris.

I hope this isn’t threadshitting.

But I’m listening to the cannonization of Henry on ESPN, and it seems premature to me. Maybe I am unforgiving and cynical, but with his history I have to wonder. When I heard he had fallen out of a truck he jumped into after his girlfriend had a fight, my honest first thought was that she was fleeing for her life.

Oh, that absolutely may be the case. The whole thing still sucks.

I’m wondering the same thing. Really hope that isn’t what happened, but I’m thinking there is more to this story…

I’d hold back on negative or positive portrayals until the police sort it all out. I’m mindful of Sean Taylor’s death, which many internet commentators blamed on alleged gang activity in the hours following the news. Of course, Taylor was the absolutely innocent victim of a botched robbery. I’m sure we’re going to hear more from the authorities as the day goes on.

I totally agree. I was just a bit surprised. If I were ESPN news director I would have stayed with only the facts until details are more clear.

RIP Slim.

As a Bengals fan who has watched his career pretty closely, I just want to say that this sucks. By all accounts, Henry had pretty much turned his life and career around. He had three children with his fiancee (they were to be married in March, and she is the sister of the Bengals backup FB Fui Vakapuna) and appeared to be a doting father.

I don’t know why he decided to jump into the bed of that lifted Ford as his woman was driving away (and the police report I saw indicated that she didn’t have any visible marks on her, so I’m doubting physical abuse at this point), but it looks like she was swerving wildly and tossed him out of it and he landed on his head. This happened only about a sixth of a mile from where they were staying. Henry wasn’t with the Bengals as he was placed on injured reserve after breaking his forearm earlier in the season.

I feel quite bad for his children.

In movies the hero gets tossed out of a vehicle at high speed and rolls over without a scratch. She may have thought it was no big deal. She was wrong, a serious mistake.

That is pretty much my reaction as well. It is regrettable that a young man lost his life and his children will not have a father… BUT… I am having a hard time ignoring his past history and making assumptions. Probably not fair but there ya’ go.

A lot of Chris’ troubles were linked to him being the primary breadwinner for 20 or so people that he had move up here with him after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their homes in Belle Chasse… Some of them were hangers-on and didn’t have Chris’ best interests in mind. Some of them were family members.

Dude had certainly turned his life around, which is what makes his death as a young father at the age of 26 sad.

I suppose that is just it though… and I freely admit my response is based purely on initial reports and speculation but… if his fiance (and mother of his kids) was fleeing the residence in a truck during a domestic abuse situation that escalated to the point where he was thrown from the back of the truck… did he really turn his life around? Maybe he eliminated some elements but I’m skeptical.

The death notice link contains a sidebar with article links to his previous bad behavior.

Drug charges… weapons charges… assault charges… destruction of property charges… DUI’s… this kid was no angel. I’m having a hard time celebrating his life.

Coach Marvin Lewis and team owner Mike Brown talking at the Bengals press conference regarding the death of Chris Henry:

*“Since last August when I had a talk with Chris and filled Mike in with the details of our meeting, there was a different man that was sitting across from me, a different person,” Lewis said. “From that point on, we’ve seen a continual growth from Chris. It had been quite an expansion on the field and off the field.”

Brown stood behind Henry when many, including Lewis, thought he wasn’t worth the trouble and would never change his ways.

“I don’t regret it,” Brown said. “He had troubles and the sum of them were made more of than they actually were. We knew him here as the person he was in fact. Yes, it was challenging at times with him, but he was someone who we liked and thought could regroup, catch himself and restart his life. To his credit, I think he did that. It’s a terrible tragedy. Just at the time he was running to daylight his life was snuffed out.”*
“He had worked through troubles in his life and had finally, seemingly, reached the point where everything was going to blossom,” Bengals owner Mike Brown said Thursday in a news conference. “He was going to have the future that we all wanted for him and he wanted for himself.”

Chad Ochocinco’s locker room interview after the press conference:

I’ve edited the title to show that Henry died from the injuries.

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Clearly, he had a troubled past. It had been good to see that he’d turned things around over the past few years, and not blown the one final chance which Mike Brown had given him, because, yes, he’d been a tremendous cock-up early in his career, and it was too easy to assume that he’d do something stupid once again.

I’m sure we’ll learn the details of what happened in time, though, as he cannot give his side, we may never learn the full story, or what role he played in the turn of events.

Regardless, it’s a sad loss of a promising life.

My thoughts exactly. This is the trend when something aweful happens to a celebrity who, by all accounts, has been a real piece of shit, couldn’t leave the thug life behind and couldn’t progress, socially, past high-school-thug-bully behavior.

Chris Henry was well known for being a piece of shit who never deserved the opportunities he got. Look at his rap sheet for christs sake. People are saying “he really turned his life around”. Really? Not getting arrested for a year constitutes turning your life around? What RATiONAL reason could he possibly have had for jumping in the bed of a truck in which someone was trying to get away from him? BEST case he survives and goes to jail WORST case he’s dead.

It sucks for his kids that their dad was such a lost cause, but thousands of kids lose their dads every day, and most of those dads were probably alot better human beings than Chris Henry was.

I’m sure this will be all anyone will talk about during this Sunday’s football line-up. It will be full of CH retrospectives and heart warming stories about him. Lots of tears from upstanding friends like 85?!??!. :rolleyes:

Every celeb that dies doesn’t deserve a glorious sendoff. This is one that doesn’t.

No one’s putting him up for sainthood but we all walk a different path. Some people grow up at 17, some at 40. Did Chris Henry finally grow up at 26? We’ll never know. You don’t have to worship him or even respect him to feel saddened by his death or to feel badly for his family and the fans who rooted for him.

Chad Ochocinco is going to wear his number in the next game and take the fine. I’m glad he’s doing that. I rooted against Chris Henry a lot but I wanted to see him lose on the field not off of it.