Bermuda Triangle - may have claimed another victim

It’s been awhile since a plane or ship vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. Looks like the old girl woke up hungry. The thing is, for a true Bermuda Triangle incident, there won’t be any wreckage. Its happened quite a few times. Many claim the Triangle is a myth but can’t explain why theres no wreckage. That seabed has been searched many times and the missing ships and planes never found.

Sure hope this ship is found with the crew safe. Its still early and they may get rescued yet.

The idea that a lot of ships go missing in the area is a myth.

What does this mean? The triangle area is over 1 million square miles in size and up to 10,000 feet deep. To search every inch of that would cost billions.

I’ve watched a couple documentaries on the search for the lost WWII planes. They used modern methods to analyze the radio traffic and estimate the flight paths. Searched the seabed. Nada

I don’t know if the Bermuda Triangle is true or not. But these missing ships and planes are one heck of a mystery that is yet to be solved. Bermuda Triangle books were a big thing in the late 70’s and 80’s. I’m keeping an open mind that there could be some magnetic anomaly that effects radio and compass instruments. Thats been the most consistently reported problem in Bermuda incidents. I haven’t heard any similar issues with modern GPS. Only the old school instruments prior to the 1970’s.

For those youngsters not familiar with the missing planes.

Full list by date of Bermuda Triangle incidents

A ship goes missing, probably sunk in a hurricane, and the mystery is???

Oh I forgot, no ship ever went missing in a hurricane anywhere in the world before.

Good God, I mean, sometimes these doofuses really need to generate a teeny tiny little bit of critical thought

Bob Ballard found the Titanic and several other ships. I keep hoping he’ll use that high tech gear to find the USS Cyclops. Prove once and for all what happened to it. Its considered the first Bermuda Triangle incident.

It went missing in the Bermuda Triangle. That gets people’s attention. You do realize at lease six books were written about the Bermuda Triangle? Numerous documentaries? Expeditions by people determined to find wreckage and prove the Triangle theoriest wrong?

I don’t know if its a thing or not, but its fascinating to read about. I’m not a supporter or denier. I’m just a guy on the sidelines watching and eating popcorn. The debate on the Bermuda Triangle is a fun show to watch.

From what I’ve read, there are statistically no more disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle than in any other similar-sized and similarly-heavily-trafficked area of the world’s oceans. Any place with lots of air and sea traffic is going to have occasional disappearances. For example.

It must be true. It would be ridiculous to assume the boat disappeared just because of a hurricane. Clearly the triangular shape of the region is responsible for the numerous mysteriously missing ships and planes. Some of these incidents are so mysterious that all records of the ships and incidents have disappeared as well.

I expect this latest ship to turn up. GPS navigation is very reliable.

The issue over the Triangle was malfunctioning compasses and early radio navigation. Easily explained by some sort of magnetic interference in that region under certain weather conditions. Instrument errors was reported by planes that got lost and eventually found a place to land safely. They were way off course. The odd thing was the instruments tested fine later.

I’ve read about the Triangle most of my life. Its a fun and interesting debate to follow but I don’t fully embrace it. either.

From here.

The location of the RMS Titanic when it sank was well known, and the challenge was locating the vessel at the depth of over twelve thousand feet BMSL which was broken in half and mostly buried in the benthic seabed. Most vessels lost at sea, and particularly the supposed ‘mystery’ sinkings claimed as evidence of some kind of supernatural phenomenon in the Bermuda Triangle and elsewhere are usually lost at an unknown position in broad ocean area. Even with modern search methods and tools, finding a vessel resting on the sea bottom in broad ocean area is very difficult and laborious.

There are at least nine books on the house at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, Long Island, NY, despite the fact that there isn’t one piece of real evidence that there is anything supernatural occurring at that house and the account of the Lutz’s has just a string of inconsistancies and outright fraud. There is no more evidence of bizarre behavior within the supposed Bermuda triangle, other than that it is an area with a lot of storms and current along with deep areas where a wreck could fall and be completely concealed in the seabed. There is no “Bermuda debate”. The deaths of people and loss of ships at sea is an all too common and often avoidable tragedy that is not a “fun show to watch”.


Thank you

I guess the Bermuda Triangle craze died with the 1980’s. oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

anyway, this hurricane is certainly real and producing some terrible conditions for search and rescue. Dirty dancing weather out there for sure.

There’s a difference in a cultural event like the Bermuda Triangle and the actual tragedies that occur at sea. Bermuda Triangle mania was a huge cultural thing in the 80’s like big hair bands and Bigfoot. It spawned a lot of books and tv. It was a fun and harmless diversion while it lasted.

Of course we all hope the crew of this ship is ok, The Coast Guard is out there looking for them right now.

The nearly continuous flow of shipping and later on air traffic between the US East Coast and the Caribbean to the East of Cuba since before the 20th century has made for thousands, heck, tens of thousands of crossings of the so-called “triangle”. I myself must have crossed it one way or the other almost a hundred times. But yes, this will only be added to the tally of “mystery” with whatever outcome other than perfect recovery of ship and crew.

Which is not to make us cocky. For all our technology and savvy, just one critical malfunction or mistake in the operation of our wonder machines, or in deciding where or how to search, and we may be well and truly lost. Some pop culture purveyors will play on the notion that nothing should be “lost” these days. Just shows what they know.

MV El Faro left Jacksonville on Tuesday. The berth where it should have been docked this morning is visible from one of my routes to work. It yet awaits.

There’s some more detailed discussion of the ship’s disappearance in a thread on a shipping forum, where the mood does not appear too optimistic. Let us hope there is a positive outcome to follow.

Is it my imagination or did you go from credulous to skeptical in less than four hours in the same thread?

Hey, it’s just harmless fun dancing on the Watery graves of the crew of this ship.

I’ve always been skeptical. The Bermuda Triangle has been a cultural thing since my junior high years. It really took off after a book was published in the early 70’s. I read it a couple times. I follow the Triangle lore like Bigfoot, with a lot of skepticism. The books and tv shows are entertaining. They are saying this ship might get added to the Triangle list if no wreckage is found. A very big if.

Thats entirely separate from the real events themselves. The Coast Guard is the real deal and they go out on search and rescue no matter what the weather.

Your OP didn’t sound like a skeptic talking. For one thing, I doubt that a skeptic would even think of mentioning the Bermuda Triangle when something happens in the area.