Bermuda Triangle

What do you think do Bermuda Triangle exists? If yes then What is the reason behind it?

Yes it exists. It’s an area bordered by Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

Is it an area where aliens abduct cruise ships or whatever? No.

No. It’s an area full of high traffic shipping and air lanes where roughly the same number of accidents you’d expect have occurred.

Those are its vertices, not its borders. Its southwestern “border” roughly approximates a line 40 miles north of the coasts of Cuba and Hispaniola. It doesn’t have northwestern or eastern borders (other than straight lines between Miami and Bermuda and Santo Domingo).


Hardly, considering there are only two sets of variables making up a triangle.

According to the totality of mysterious incidents attributed to the Bermuda Triangle, it encompasses the entire planet.

I’ll need to give some more in-depth thought next time I fire back a flippant response to a poorly worded question then. Jeesh.

This nitpickery has been brought to you by the letter L and the number 3. :wink:

The “Bermuda Triangle” was somewhat born by George X. Sand in an article he wrote in the magazine “Fate”, which he referred to that region of the Atlantic as “The Triangle”. I believe it was 1950, where he postulated some theories about mysterious disappearances in the region.

It was again referred to as “The Deadly Triangle” by author Dale Titler in his 1962ish book “Lost Wings” or something like that. The more famous of the stories was the loss of Flight 19, the air patrol that disappeared in the 40s somewhere in the Atlantic.

Neither author specified a region of the ‘triangle’.

There were several other books written about the ‘triangle’, which I’m drawing a blank on.

It wasn’t until 1974/75(?) when (Charles?) Berlitz wrote “The Bermuda Triangle” which became a major bestseller, with around 4-5 million sold, and the name stuck. His title of the region stuck because it denoted a place people can recognize, and he proposed a region the ‘triangle’ encompassed.

These writers evoked the mystery of the triangle we know today, with some of their theories, some quite farfetched. As others here have pointed out, any region of the world has just as many, if not more ‘mysterious disappearances’.

The Bermuda Triangle just has that ‘right name’ to it to make it stand out.

Here ya go. For $5, including shipping, you can get Larry Kusche’s book about it and wonder no more.

Yeah, nobody cares about Galapagos Trapezoid.

That’s because nobody cares about the missing tortoises.

If you went swimming in South Beach, does that mean you technically when swimming in the Bermuda Triangle?

Just in case it’s useful, the Straight Dope on the Bermuda Triangle (which also references Kusche’s book).

This is an excellent book with a ton of research to back up his premises on solving many of the ‘mysteries’. How the Bermuda Triangle still evokes an aura of mystery, is, well, a mystery.

I will admit though, when I read this book when it came out, it kinda crushed a lot of my childish adventurous mind about the “Triangle”.

Awww… :frowning:

It’s interesting that he doesn’t actually answer the question as asked, which was “Has anybody disappeared recently?”.

The question he appears to answer was “Is there anything special about the Bermuda Triangle?”.


Could you pass over ‘Alice in Wonderland’? I need to get away.

Well, the obvious answer (to me) is ‘yes…it happens periodically, just like in every other highly traveled arbitrary bit of ocean where rough weather happens and there are actually still real world ‘pirates’’. Here is a list of ships, including some relatively recent additions…most of the recent ones seem to be smaller vessels.