"Mysteries" that really arent

You know, one thing I get really tired of is headlines or semi-science TV shows announcing:

"Could this be the site of lost Atlantis, is the Mystery of the lost Civilization finally solved? "


“Could this be the solution to the mystery of the Bermuda triangle?”

Atlantis was a parable by that well know fibber- Plato. It doesn’t exist, it never existed, Plato made it up for a warning parable. Period. Now yes, perhaps he based his story a little bit on Thera, sure. So if a headline screams “Atlantis found” and you read it is some undersea or other archeological discovery, and the Archaeologist is pressured into saying his/her discovery ‘could be behind" Atlantis, then that’s Ok. Lots of things "could be behind’ Platos story. As mentioned by the " Plato scholar Julia Annasof Philosophy at the University of Arizona, had this to say on the matter:

The continuing industry of discovering Atlantis illustrates the dangers of reading Plato. For he is clearly using what has become a standard device of fiction—stressing the historicity of an event (and the discovery of hitherto unknown authorities) as an indication that what follows is fiction. The idea is that we should use the story to examine our ideas of government and power . We have missed the point if instead of thinking about these issues we go off exploring the sea bed. The continuing misunderstanding of Plato as historian here enables us to see why his distrust of imaginative writing is sometimes justified." wiki

Next is the Bermuda triangle- there aint no such place or any mystery. The book has been completely and thoroughly debunked- most of the best mysteries didnt even occur in the triangle or are easily explained. Experts have shown there are no more missing ships here that would be accounted for by weather and high traffic.

Search for Noah’s Ark- there aint no ark, never was. Sure the Flood is likely based upon several huge floods that devastated that region in that pre-historic period. And there are other similar myths from the area- perhaps those are what the OT account is based upon, sure. But there never was a “ark” as described in the Bible. Pretty much impossible and impractical, and not even said to be On Mount Ararat- just in those mountains somewhere. So, they wont find it.

Anyone got more?

How can anybody watch a show like (IIRC) “Finding Bigfoot”. You know going in that they’re not going to find the thing.

MH370 - it seems to be pretty well established that it was a case of pilot suicide.

I wish they’d come here to search for Bigfoot. That would give my storied prank some cred.

I’ve watched some of the Shark week. All that science-y stuff about what, where, why is for crap. They’re hungry and looking for food the surfer, boogie boarder or swimmer got in the way.
That ocean is the sharks dining room don’t go there. IMO

Whenever you see a headline that asks a question, the answer will always be No. :grinning:

Betteridge’s Law

I think that there is a related principle. If the discovery implied by a programme title would be a major news story and it hasn’t already been, they’re going to discover nothing of substance. I mean, if you did discover Bigfoot, you might well do a deal to make the announcement as an exclusive on a TV documentary. But the TV company would still make sure that it was a big news story before the broadcast, because they would want to get as many viewers as possible.

It’s well established now, after this Atlantic article and the Australian documentary The Untold Story. This is all 2019/2020. The pilot suicide theory was neither publicly known nor backed by sufficient evidence between 2014 and 2018. The manner in which the plane had vanished, that is, having been flying for seven hours after disappearing from radar, and the fact it took over a year to find the first piece of debris, are very good reasons why this was a strange mystery.

Uh, what? Many, many people were touting “pilot suicide” on social media or elsewhere very soon after the plane disappeared, within days.

Yes, when there is a lack of information or explanation about what happened, people start positing these theories without any evidence to back them up, until the flight recorders are found and the crash is attributed to any number of things.
But it’s only recently that this theory was substantiated through disciplined analysis of the findings and developments, not to mention the statement made by Tony Abbott.

But people weren’t just spouting that for no reason. Pilot suicide had significant precedent; the SilkAir crash in the Musi River and EgyptAir crash in the Atlantic were both high-profile suicide incidents before that. And just weeks after the disappearance, the Malaysian prime minister himself stated on television that according to the data, the events could have only unfolded due to either a hijacking or suicide. So it was already highly touted by official entities then. It is not true that “pilot suicide was not a publicly known theory until recently.”

Lots of people were touting hijacking on social media or elsewhere very soon after the plane disappeared; lots of people were touting that the plane had been flown to Diego Garcia. Didn’t make it true. It’s only relatively recently that the pilot suicide theory has become well-established and supported by substantial evidence.

Again, a statement of this kind is one thing, and knowing conclusively what happened, and who did it, and how, with evidence, is a whole other story. Plus, citing two precedents of pilot suicide to explain why early speculations suggested pilot suicide as a crash cause do not mean much in this context. You can see an explosion in the horizon and say: “Oh, this could be a missile attack or a bomb” and either can be right, but this is a far cry from having evidence, debris, knowing who fired the missile and why, and knowing the type and make of the missile. Your early speculation can be right, but it’s not based on any information, and I therefore can’t look back several years later to say that “people had known at the exact moment of the blast that it was a missile.”

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In a similar vein, I don’t get why the Tamand Shud case is considered such a big deal. There are a lot of people who died under vague circumstances and couldn’t be identified in that time period, as well as plenty of people (like former Nazis) hiding under false identities. I mean, sure that one is a mystery, but I don’t get why it gets so much more attention than all of the other questionably identified deaths at the time.

As I’m fond of saying, they ain’t gonna find shit. Not even Bigfoot shit.

Could this be the last resting place of Civil War Gold - nope
Is this a clue to the lost Templar treasure - nope
Did ancient aliens build the pyramids - they didn’t
Could this tunnel lead to the secret Nazi Gold train - it hasn’t yet and this won’t either

Oak Island, it’s astonishing how many well known people have invested in the search for treasure.

Now we have a TV show.

They’re digging with sophisticated equipment. Pirates couldn’t have dug that deep with only shovels.

The effort has even drawn interest from the likes of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd president of the United States, who at the tender age of 27 decided to join the excavation effort at Oak Island. Famed actors John Wayne and Errol Flynn also got in on the action, each bidding for a chance to join the dig.[/quote]

The Wife and I watch Expedition Unknown. Every time, I have to note ‘He’s not going to find it. That’s his schtick. He never finds what he’s looking for!’ But we watched an episode last night where he accompanied someone who actually found a ceramic key that was buried and for which clues were given in the 1982 book The Secret.

I don’t know how many episodes we’ve watched, and this is the first time I’ve seen him find something he’s looking for.

I would not be shocked if they found a buried nazi train car.

But does that mean it has gold? Could be nerve gas, stolen art, munitions, incriminating paperwork, who knows? That one lake “full of nazi gold” was found to have dozens of boxes of forged 5 pound notes.

On this topic…which part of the Amelia Earhart mystery is the mystery, exactly?

That she had to ditch somewhere in the Pacific and died there (either right away, or some time after) is pretty much accepted by all. Is the mystery where exactly she ditched, or whether she had to lived stranded on an island for a long time, or her manner of death?