Bernadette Peters' husband was killed yesterday!

I just heard about this… Broadway’s leading lady Bernadette Peters has lost her husband of nine years in a helicopter crash. He was an investment adviser and she spoke very highly of him. The Broadway community is a very tight one… I’m sure they will reach out for her any way they can.


Holy crap.

I’ve never seen two people more in love than them. How terribly sad. I adore her.


That is pretty sad news. Bernadette is truly a living New York legend and I can well imagine her friends will turn out to help her through this.

So … she’s single, eh?

Ooohhh, too soon!

Back off, she’s mine!

How sick is that? her husband died and you guys are talking about her dating? tsk :frowning:

yeah, you gotta wait at least a week…:wink:

So you realize you’re going to hell for that, right?

OMG!! This is horrible! She’s Broadway royalty and has also been very generous with her time for charities such as the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Broadway Cares, Broadway Barks, and everything else.

Poor Bernadette.

I am so sorry for her. She is one of my favorite actresses/singers and while I haven’t kept up with her for some time, I really feel terrible for her. Poor lady. I am just really sad to hear this. :frowning:

This was, honest to God, my first thought. I feel like such a schmuck. At least I’m not the only one!

This is so sad. Bernadette is truly a class act. And of course Broadway will be there for her. But just really sad.

The news is devastating. Ms. Peters was not only a great singer and dancer (she won her first Tony for Song & Dance and her second for Annie Get Your Gun), but also a classy lady and so much in love with Michael.

Broadway is very very sad at the news.

I’m sorry. . .this thread is about Bernadette Peters’s. . .husband?

Some businessman dies in a helicopter crash in Montenegro? This news is DEVASTATING? HORRIBLE?

Because his wife could sing and dance well?

Because his wife brought a lot of joy to the world and many people thought of her as a symbol of lighthearted happiness – a classic song-and-dance woman. Because we shared her joy, we also share her sadness.

I’ve been a fan of Bernadette Peters since 1976 (Silent Movie). This is very sad news and my heart goes out to her.

Because as several people, myself included, have said already, the Broadway community is a very tight one. Whether you’ve met her or just enjoyed her immense talent over the decades, everyone with even the most remote knowledge of theatre loves her, or at least admires what she’s accomplished.

So, when news like this comes up, it’s almost as if it’s happened to a close friend, because those involved in (or are fans of) the industry feel like they know her.

Also, as Elza B said, they were a very loving couple, and it’s just sad to lose a spouse unexpectedly.

Who want’s to date her??? i was just thinking a litte affermation of life sex :eek:

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