Bernie Sanders bobblehead to be issued

Senator Bernie Sanders was spotted wearing a winter coat and mittens at Joe Biden’s inauguration yesterday. Plans have already been announced to issue a bobblehead commemorating the moment.

The memes being generated by Bernie’s outfit and pose yesterday are epic.

Here’s a collection of some of the best:

My favorite is “Bernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to-do list today but it ain’t his whole day.”

ETA: I may have to order a bobblehead.

Here’s my favorite meme.

This will be found harsher in hindsight if Bernie develops Parkinson’s.

I’m waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come up with his own Bernie action figure like Trump on a Stump

and Fauci on a Couchi.

Today I learned that there exists a National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and museum.

My life may now be complete.
Although perhaps I first must visit the National Museum of Spam. :slight_smile:

Kinda odd to say. Wouldn’t that apply to all bobbleheads based on real people?

My new favorite Bernie meme.

My favorite.

I love this one, which isn’t chair based.

And I also liked a similar one with the same picture saying the envelope had a newspaper article Sanders enjoyed and clipped for Biden.

I literally laughed out loud after seeing this one: (pottery scene from “ghost”)


has anyone linked up the bernie chair pic with the christie chair pic?

I’ve seen several.