Anyone here know Bernie Sanders personally?

If so, could you reassure him that the memes are all in good fun and we absolutely love him. Thanks.

He knows.

He knows and approves.

Thanks! I’m happy again. :kite:

Here you go - put Bernie in front of any address:

Me ‘n’ Bernie go way back. Or that’s my claim, anyway.

The armbar is particularly well done.

My wife’s brother Andy has met Bernie, he does a lot of political stuff in Iowa and has since the mid 80s. Andy is a reliable (and nice) guy in my experience, even temperament, good businessman, solid midwestern Iowa type of guy. Huge Obama fan and supporter, switched parties from R to D around the time of Obama’s first run.

Andy has met Bernie before during Iowa events. He said Bernie was “kind of a jerk”. He had specific examples of behavior to back that up. He didn’t actually use the word jerk, though… and he was surprisingly emphatic about it. I dunno, maybe he caught Bernie on an off day or something? I definitely did not get the impression Bernie was a fun uncle kinda guy from these tales.

I have family from Vermont that have met him many times to the point of being ‘head nod familiarity’ acquaintances. No exciting stories though, vermonters only talk about syrup, jam, and the weather.