Sanders campaign turning into a cringe comedy

I guess that’s appropriate, given his resemblance to Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David (first called by someone here, don’t recall who). There was of course the deal the other day when he kvetched at a black audience, “I’ve said ‘black’ 50 times. All right, that’s the 51st time”. And now we get treated to what sounds like the most awkward campaign event ever, at a black church in SC:

I do have to admit that it was borderline cruel, maybe even piling on, for the NYT to throw in the pic of the *super *fired-up BernieBros, given that it wasn’t illustrating the actual story. Those bros crack me up though! Priceless pic there, a real gem. :smiley:

He didn’t have to ask people to clap.

Aw, Jeb. Yeah, true enough. I guess “ever” was pretty strong, but maybe I mean to limit the category to candidates who are true contenders. (I’m feeling pretty good about the race right now, but once I’m *really *sure he’s eliminated as a threat, I will try to avoid “punching down”.)

…be feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good.


Prih-tayy good.

Were you to sum up the individual supporter’s enthusiasms and admiration for their favorites, Bernie would be ahead about 2:1. a lot of folks are supporting Hillary on the basis of their assumption that real world experience overcomes a lack of commitment to Democratic principles.

In other words, Bernie owns the hearts of Democrats, while Hillary rules their minds.

Wait, between Sanders and Clinton, you think it’s Sanders who deserves to be mocked for cringe-worthy attempts to connect to voters? Hasn’t that been a hallmark of Clinton’s campaigns since forever?

Wait, what?

Jeb’s Bush asked people to clap for him? Where was this? At an event? I hadn’t heard about that!


Yeah, if you were going to rate the 100 most awkward moments of the election so far, that would be near the top. The Sanders event in the OP would be in the 80s at best. There have been a few campaign events with different candidates from both sides where just one supporter showed up. People have been dressing up in robot costumes to taunt Rubio. And there was of course the entrance to the Republican debate recently that went terribly awkwardly wrong.

I’m more for Clinton than for Sanders, and Sanders definitely could be doing some stuff better with his campaign, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near a cringe comedy.

[Aye, on 3 February 2016 in New Hampshire:


Yeah, this thread is a textbook example of confirmation bias at work.

In fairness to Jeb!, he did eventually find a way to get people to applaud spontaneously.

Oh my, the humor in this unself-consciously ironic statement is a precious, precious thing. Nothin’ like hearing about confirmation bias from a Bernhead! :dubious:

Well I’m With Her, but this thread is a shining example of confirmation bias.

Your patronizing contempt is virtuous only inasmuch as you’re consistent with it. Otherwise, let’s break this down. You’ve decided that Bernheads must suffer from confirmation bias. Because I’ve given about the most qualified support for Sanders possible, you’ve decided I must be a Bernhead. And because I’m a Bernhead, I must suffer from confirmation bias. So when you look at me, guess what you see? Yup, there’s the confirmation bias!

I’ll let you think through the irony.

You’ve been pretty vehemently opposed to nearly everything I’ve said on the subject of Bernie and Hillary (I think we agreed that Bernie will endorse Hillary and not make trouble for her, and that’s about it). Given that I’m as much in the tank for Hillary as someone can reasonably be, if that doesn’t make you a Bernhead, it’s something even weirder. (Even weirder than a Bernhead, you say? GASP)

Most objective observers have noted that Sanders is running an excellent campaign. You found one event where things didn’t go just right. BFD.

I’ve not seen very many things you say politically that I agree with you on, from your definition of radical politics to your belief about reinstituting racist immigration policies to your belief in vanguardist political movements. The fact that I disagree with you about Sanders doesn’t mean that whatever label you’re comfortable slapping on me is remotely accurate :).

Not sure “crowd fails to go wild” at one event is really worthy of it’s own thread.

SlackerInc, I say this as someone who really hopes to get to vote for Bernie in the general, but who believes that there are interesting and important conversations being had about the current Democratic race for nomination:

You are completely flying off the rails. If I had to pick a textbook example of a Hillary supporter who seems to embody everything that Hillary supporters accuse ‘Bernie Bros’ of being, you would be it.

I only bother to mention this because maybe you don’t know how you come across to others (both those “on your side” and those “not on your side”). Maybe stop and take a look; you are generally adding nothing to the discussion, and your analysis is sometimes correct in the same way that a stopped clock is sometimes correct.

Maybe you’re using this forum intentionally to say repeatedly, publicly and with gusto, “neener neener, Hillary beats Bernie-poopy-head,” and if that’s your intent then I guess by all means continue.

But, if that’s not your intent, you should know that it is what you are accomplishing.