bernse: Your kidding right?

In this thread, I asked a question on how to get a prostitute. But you stated something along the lines of “I shouldn’t ask about things that are illegal”. It’s not Illegal everywhere ya know. What if I were in the friendly confines of Nevada? Or maybe I’m vacationing in Amsterdam.

But I guess it’s ok to actually talk about the many, many times that isthatsowrong? went out with prostitutes.

BTW: What does the Straight Dope consider Illegal? By where the Admins live? Where the Server resides? Whatever’s popular?

It’s obeying the laws for where YOU live. And as far as I know, Chicago ain’t a hooker’s paradise.

Right, but do I have to obey the laws if I visit somewhere?

Gambling is Illegal in Chicago, not in Vegas.

If you can’t understand the difference between “I have smoked pot” and “Where can I get some pot?,” then we can’t help you.

I do, their both Illegal. (Depending on where you live).

Let me explain this to you simply, yme. You live in Chicago. Prostitution is illegal in Chicago. More importantly, The Chicago Reader, who runs this board, is also in Chicago. If this site were to provide information on how to perform illegal acts, The Chicago Reader could possibly find itself in an undesirable legal position. To protect itself from lawsuits and criminal charges, The Chicago Reader does not allow those types of questions on this site.

C’mon, dude, get with the fucking program. You’re a guest here. So am I. Good guests follow the rules or they find somewhere else to play. Reread the registration agreement. You know, the one you agreed to follow when you were granted membership. It is against the rules to inquire about how to do illegal things.


Moderator’s Notes: Bernse is correct. You should not be soliciting information on the SDMB that will be used to break the law. So, the answer to your question is, Vegas, or some other place where prostitution is legal. I very strongly suggest you leave it at that. Attempts to get more information about where to pick up hookers in Chicago will result in an official warning to you. Quite possibly the only one you will receive. Is this clear? It better be.

…and while you’re at it, learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”, “their” and “they’re” too.


BZZZZZZT! Wrong. (Hint: A statement that begins with "They’re both . . ." does not describe a difference.)

The difference is this: One is a statement of past illegal activity. The other is a question asking for assistance with future illegal activity. Get me? The people who run this board choose not to provide a vehicle to help you score weed.

Or a hooker, even.

Or hookers.

What about the ever elusive “there”?

Ok, geesh! I get it now. But what about the difference between doing an illegal act and attempting to commit one? Where is the line drawn? Let’s face it isthatsobad? committed an illegal act, didn’t he? And he is talking about it freely. He is telling us what he did to it, how he prepared for it and so on, right?

What if I started this thread: “Ask the child molester.” Would that be ok? It is illegal. But would it be ok to talk about it? What I did to seduce kids?

“…Hmm this thread is interesting, how did you prepare for it?”

“We’re you nervous?”

Haj? worry about something else other than grammer, punctuation, ahnd sphelleeng? did you not under’stand what I said’ and or ask-ed!

There is no there there.

If the Chicago Reader is anything like the New York Press (and I’ve no reason to believe otherwise), then they are already in that ‘undesirable legal position’, as there are ads aplenty for such services.

At one point, yme, I believe we did have a thread entitled Ask the pedophile. It was promptly closed and deleted, I think.

Every thread on these fora exists by the graces of the moderators and administrators. They provide us with general guidelines, but reserve the right to close or delete any threads that they feel goes beyond the boundaries of what is accepted here.

The general guideline that people have been trying to explain to you is “Do not solicit information on how to break the law”. If you are in doubt about whether a post or thread of yours may be in violation of this, feel free to discuss it with the staff, and they’ll give you an official reply.

… my god, I feel like a junior moderator. I’ll go take a shower now.

Obviously you all knew that I made a mistake in my words. So correct for it while reading and keep going.

If someone wrote: “The kat is black.”

I wouldn’t point it out and waste thread space by saying:

You idiot! You spelled kat with a K!

But you knew it was a cat right?

It would be nearly impossible for an “Ask the child molester” thread to stay civil, so it would likely be closed for that reason alone. Whether they would allow a thread like that, even assuming it could remain civil, would probably depend on how the thread was started.

Honestly, if you think it’s hypocritical that “Ask the…” threads on past illegal acts are allowed while asking how to commit an illegal act are not, there’s simply no help for you.