Berries (seeded) in a blender

My new, somewhat expensive blender should be able to handle berries with seeds in them right? Did I get a lemon?

Even in crush ice mode, something jams up and the clutch disengages so the motor just spins freely.

Here is what I’m putting in there:

Protein powder
Soy Milk
Berries (mix of blueberries, raspberries, and marionberries)

No problems if I use a banana instead of the berries.

I blend the same kind of berries into smoothies all the time with zero problems. Citrus pips (like orange or lemon seeds) shouldn’t be any problem either. I don’t think I’d go throwing avocado pits in there but some tiny little seeds can’t possibly cause any trouble.

If it’s jamming with the mix you mention I would suspect the ice cubes. Try adding them gradually and make sure you’ve got liquid in there first (otherwise the ice cubes can go right to the bottom and possibly jam the blades).

What kind of blender is it? In my blender, it works best if I dump in cushed ice from the icemaker instead of ful cubes.

It’s Kitchenaid brand.

Next time I make a smoothie, I’ll blend the ice, protein powder, and soy milk first. Then I’ll add the berries and blend some more. See if that fixes the issue.

I’m sure if you had one of these there’d be no problem. (Obligatory ‘Will It Blend’ link.)