Besides Best Buy, where to buy a laptop online?

Looking to buy a low end laptop just for taking to class and writing papers. What sites do you guys like for finding deals? I keep defaulting to Best Buy dotcom.


Here - Rolling list of various tech deals across the net

I bought a laptop from newegg once, and was pleased with the purchase. You can also buy direct from some companies, like Dell.

Since you said a low end computer, you could check out walmart online. A quick glance shows that they even have free shipping on some of them.

As for finding deals, I like these two sites:



Dealnews is another site.

Amazon is a great fall-back when you can’t find any time-limited deals elsewhere. No tax in many states and free 2-day shipping for students help sweeten their already reasonable prices. is a reputable company. They have regular weekly sales. is pretty good too. They’ve both been around for ever and have reliable refund/return policies. Lately I’ve been buying through Amazon too, just because I’m a Prime member. They have a huge selection. But the first two are more electronics-oriented.

The Apple Store?