Cheapest and Most Reputable Online Retailers (of all Varieties)

I was just browsing through the TV and Movie subsection of my Amazon wishlist and comparing the prices listed there with what is offering and I suddenly wondered if, as cheap as it is, there might be an even cheaper online retailer that’s as reputable. What are your favorites? The only other sites I’m familiar with are Overstock and Yahoo. Surely there’re others worth checking into?

For computer products, I like Their prices are really good and sometimes they have out of box OEM stuff for supercheap. They’re perfect for “I don’t need this right now, but it would really be great if I had it” stuff like upgrades.

I like for electronics, especially audio. They have some good refurbished deals.

The thing about Amazon is their online catalog lists products from a lot of different sites, so they probably tend to have closest to the best prices on a lot of things. They sell from for one.

Parts Express is good for electronic/audio parts and some finished products.

Concerning the comment on, they generally have the best price (and great service) but you can check through a price-search engine at (which checks prices at a lot of places, including and

You never know what the one product they’ll be selling each day is, but that’s part of the fun over at Woot! Whatever it happens to be, it’s just about always a bargain.

For major hobbies, I go to for 90% of my needs.

For general use, I have used Amazon (overy complex for my tastes), but reliable. is okay…

For electronics, Best Buy and Circuit City allow you to shop for deals on-line and pick up the item locally, without dealing with some 19 y/o with bad fitting khakis.

I’ve had tremendous success with small mom/pop stores who have internet sites, especially for specialty items. Usually, they maintain a small family service feel, even via the web.

Deep Discount DVD has low prices, as you know. can be even cheaper, but that’s because they sell overstocks, so selection is limited, and it looks like they might’ve been bought out by Media Group. is also pretty cheap.

I’ve found one of the best ways to search for a DVD you know you want is to use DVD Profiler, especially if you are already using the program to manage your collection.

The nice thing about shopping online is that you can SHOP - have a list of available outlets to check for certain products and then take a few mins to compare and actually get the best price.

Amazon wins on occasion for me, because you have to factor in shipping (usually ends up free at Amazn). I was surprised when I was buying DVDs for christmas that DDD was not cheaper than Amazon in some cases. But I shopped around and saved a few bucks.

NewEgg is where I buy ALL of my computer components. I like them most of all because of the user reviews. I don’t mind buying offbrand cheapy stuff if 42 people say “I’ve had it for 6 months and no problems! Works great!” I trust NewEgg as a “brand.”

Sometimes, though, when I need a component “like yesterday” I will shop Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA and even OfficeMax online to find the best price and in-store availability. That is a great way to shop online too :slight_smile:

I haven’t had to shop in a major department store or mall in a year or so now. I much prefer to price-shop online and pay shipping. My mentality about shopping has been totally skewed by the ability to shop online. I see stuff in brick-and-mortar stores and KNOW i can get it cheaper online. It’s beautiful.