Best. Ad. Ever.

I hate ads. I hate sales. I hate commercialism, and I don’t even care for TNT.

But…this ad…:confused::eek::smiley: /clap

p.s. Why don’t they advertise like that in America? Are we that boring? This video alone, as an ad all by itself, would win every ad award out there and actually impress people.

They’d have to be careful where they filmed it. We have a lot of well-meaning bystanders with guns.

LOVE IT!! That was AWESOME :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the “Closed course, professional actors. Do not attempt” message but as a motorcyclist it made me smile. (Not that it’s geared toward motorcyclists.)

That would not end well in America. Although the fact that no one ran away from gunfire sorta suggests that the crowd knew somehow that it wasn’t real and stuck around for the fun.

That. Was. Awesome. It just kept going. Loved it.

But, yeah, when the guns came out, I thought that, in America, someone would end up getting shot for real. And that would suck.

Quite enjoyable and at least there is a point to it. The “product” can be identified and at least there’s a message one can attach.

But in the light of other comments as to why it (or copies of the idea) might not work in the USA, I would suggest that in the “flash mob” things I have seen, I keep expecting some gunplay there, too! :slight_smile:

Er, I don’t think that the bystanders were really bystanders. There would be too much risk of somebody getting clipped by one of those speeding cars.

Excellent point. And they would surely have to film that whole thing with nothing but paid people (even the extras) to prevent some “intervention” by well-meaning bystanders.

If that’s Belgium, why is the writing on the arrow in English?

The street would also have to be closed to traffic. But from the real surpirse on people’s faces, I bet they were hired as extras, but not told what the whole thing was about or what would happen.

Greater market penetration across Europe. Far more people understand English than Dutch.

Because everybody speaks English! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe that town is a tourist trap.

I quite like the new “reinvented” commercials, with cops giving massages and rain melting away fat.

Also, realize that more than one person (guy on bike, cute girl, kid, couple) pushed the button and started the whole chain of events. They performed all those stunts at least four times. People would have surely caught on after the first take.

It’s an ad for a Turner Broadcasting Systems channel offering Hollywood films and dramatic television series such as Shameless, Men of a Certain Age, Memphis Beat, Web Therapy, Phone Shop, The O.C., E.R., West Wing and 30 Rock.

The marketing may be geared somewhat towards English-speaking people. :smiley:

Yeah, I think Manduck is right. Hate to be the type to say, “Fake” but, fake.

Nevertheless, I admit, by the end, I noticed I had a big goofy grin on my face. Loved it.

We don’t run a lot of 1:45 ads here in the US…

Loved it!

I’m in the camp that says the bystanders were extras, but weren’t totally in on what was about to go down.

I like the bad-ass ambulance driver the best. You can tell when they sent out casting notes they were like “Need bad-ass motherfucker” and when he walked up they were like “you’ll do.”