Best Advice for New Carpet Repair

Last week, we got new wall-to-wall carpet installed in the living room, dining room and hallway of our home.

When the installation was completed, I looked around the living room and dining room (I was positioned to watch the hall installation as it happened) and I signed off that the work was done to my satisfaction, furniture was restored, and so on.

It turned out that I missed something. There is a spot, no more than 1 square inch in size, where the carpet was not properly cut and consequently doesn’t quite meet the threshold of the front door. At the time that I looked around, one of the installers was standing in that space, gathering up the last of the tools and whatnot, so I didn’t see. But the gap is noticeable if you’re looking, and now, I can’t help but look.

My guess, if I call the company (that big national carpet chain that started in Chicago and has the jingle with the phone number and ubiquitous advertising especially on cable) that they’ll send the installers back, and they’ll try to fill in the area with just a patch.

With it being wall to wall there isn’t much else that can be done to deal with such a small area, though I’m concerned with how a patch would work since this needs to meet (and tuck under) the threshold and will be in an area subject to the constant friction of the door opening and closing over it.

I’m also concerned that since I signed off saying that the work was completed to my satisfaction, they’ll refuse to do anything about the problem at all. Of course, having watched them work and looking around and seeing well installed carpet throughout the space, never did I imagine that I should’ve shooed the installer out of my doorway to make sure there wasn’t a tiny hole by the threshold.

Any advice on how best to proceed with dealing with this?

There’s not much you can do other then call them and see what they say. Just explain it like you explained it to us. Hopefully they’ll be able to patch it up and you won’t be able to tell there was ever a problem with it. I could foresee them having to cut a bigger section out to give them more room to work, but I’d leave it up to them to figure that part out.
I would expect them to do it on their dime in good faith.

Get a wider threshold. The company should take care of it, but probably won’t, at least not in a timely fashion. It’s more likely they’ll make some sort of patch that won’t stand up to door traffic if they do anything.

Any scraps? Glue a piece down yourself if they don’t come fix it. (Include padding thickness if no pad under blank spot)

Wider threshold idea is also attractive.

For a handy person, both are easy. For the not handy, call a friend over. Be sure to have beer.

I agree with the suggestion to call Empire Carpet and ask them to rectify the situation. The worst that will happen is that they will say no.

Hello Sir/Madam
My name is Ed and I am a certified carpet repair technician. Chances are that when your carpet was installed the workers just kicked your carpet in with a knee kicker instead of power stretching it in. A power stretcher is a long wall to wall device that stretches your carpet from wall to wall.
If this was indeed the case the odds are that your carpet is still loose enough to stretch the damaged piece out. If so then problem fixed. If not then a patch on brand new carpet (if done by a professional) will hardly be obvious if at all. I would bring it up to your installation company.

We’re sorry to hear about the issues you’ve experienced with your installation. We’d like the opportunity to reach out to you and get this fixed for you. As a company, we’re dedicated to working with any customer experiencing concerns during of after their experience with us. Unfortunately, we’re not able to pull up your account with the information provided so we can better understand the situation and get in contact with you. Could you please send your information to us at so we may follow back with you? Thank you and we look forward to getting this resolved for you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager

Well Empire just jumped up a couple of steps in my book. Hope the OP contacts them and tells us how it all worked out.

See? This is why you shouldn’t be cagey (i.e., the OP says “that big national carpet chain that started in Chicago and has the jingle with the phone number and ubiquitous advertising especially on cable”) about the company’s name.

Holy Google Alerts, Batman!

Wow now that’s service. Hope it works out OP and you let us know the results.

Well now he has to change his username to remain anonymous.