Best. Airline site. Ever.

…just try making a reservation, and read the small print. It’s priceless :slight_smile:

Hehehe…great stuff…I especially like their “Cumulative 4-Star Vacation Packages”, and some of their worker testimonials:

- Some people call it “lost luggage.” But we like to say, “if you love something, set it free. If it comes back, well, that’s pretty good.”

-I have no people skills. But I do like animals. So I just pretend my passengers are livestock.

I’m going to guess that this whole thing is a joking front for Alaska Air, since many of the pages have things like this: “For those unable to devote 3-4 weeks travel time, you could theoretically try They have low fares and Web Specials. And you can fly in a jet. Whoop-dee-doo.”

You have just destroyed 3 hours of potential productivity :slight_smile:

Once this gets around to my cow - workers and friends, I think it’s safe to say that this one website will be guilty of sapping about 1000 person-hours of work on Monday :smack:

I’m pretty sure that Sky High Airlines was featured in a series of Alaska Airlines radio commericals. The shtick was how badly they treated you.


They also did a few television ads some years back. I remember one which featured a “Joe Nebish” type being entranced by images of champagne and lobster, balloons, confetti, and the mind-destroying jingle:

Sky High Airlines!
Sky High Airlines!
Climb aboard
Sky HighAirlines—
We’ve got our heads in the clouds!

At the end of the SHA ad, Joe gives an enthusiastic response to the pilot’s “thumbs up.” Next thing we see, he’s crammed into something that looks like a baby seat between two enormous shadowy figures in a gloomy cabin, and the flight attendant is handing him a single pretzel on a paper plate.

Another ad featured a man desperately asking the other passengers for change, because the airline had installed pay toilets.

Classic stuff.

Reminds me of “Verrifast Plaine Co., Ltd.” from the Monty Python sketch. With classic British subtlety, the pilot’s name was Mr. Kamikaze.


Alaska Airlines
Dean DuVall
P.O. Box 68900
Seattle, wa 98168
Phone: 206-431-5639
Fax…: 206-431-3752

Registrar Name…:
Registrar Whois…:
Registrar Homepage:

Created on…: Wed, Aug 06, 2003
Expires on…: Wed, Aug 06, 2008
Record last updated on…: Thu, May 13, 2004

Silly spoof site for Alaska, yes, but it is still funny.

That is a great site! I will be forwarding that one on to friends.
As a slight hijack…I read the other day that Southwest Airlines flight attendants were trying to go on stike for more money. Are you ready for this? Starting salary is $14,000 a year, and those with experience get $25,000 a year!

How do these people live?!?!


I don’t make anywhere close to $14,000 a year.

I like the site, though. :slight_smile:

The letters from the chairman are hilarious.

Good stuff.

Wow, a round trip from Chicago to Tulsa with only three stops each leg for $3,909?? I’m on it!