Best Beach Boys Song (PART TWO: 23 through 100)

In the other “Best Beach Boys Song” Thread, there are 12 votes for “Other”.

I mentioned that I think a choice of 22 songs is way too slim when discussing The Beach Boys. DCnDC put that list together from the band’s “20 biggest hits with a few substitutions and additions”- a seemingly logical method, but so many of the best Beach Boys songs were not hits.

My time is far less valuable than DCnDC’s. The other Thread gave us 22 songs to vote on, here’s another 78 bringing us up to 100.
All Songs that got votes as “Other” in the first Thread are listed here.
If you voted “Other” in that Thread, you can click on that same song, now actually listed. Or, you can change your vote.

I voted “Other” and wrote in “Girl Don’t Tell Me”, but now I feel stupid for forgetting “I’m Waiting For the Day”- which I think gets my final vote. That song is AWESOME.

The I was reminded of “You’re so Good to Me”, which is also AWESOME, but I think I’m gonna stick with “I’m Waiting for the Day”.

I can’t believe the first Thread didn’t include “Warmth of the Sun” or “Catch a Wave”.

I hopefully look forward to “Hang onto Your Ego” leaving “I Know There’s an Answer” in it’s dust.

Out of this group, Surf’s Up by a landslide. Lots of good songs, but Surf’s Up is great.

I went for “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times,” although “Here Today” and “Caroline, No” are favorites of mine, too.

Gonna Hustle You. The Brian Wilson original. Not the Jan and Dean version, not any of the bowdlerized versions with changed lyrics.

Columnated ruins domino, y’all.

Wondering about the opinion of the “Surf’s Up” lovers, regarding a comparison of the 1971 Beach Boys version vs the 2004 Brian Wilson version.

I think you need to give us 5 choices apiece, seriously

I think we should start again and do it Beatles-style, album by album.