Best corkscrew?

Our corkscrew just broke. Don’t know how old it was - at least 20 years. It was just a simple “T”, screw it in, and then pull it out. No leverage or frills.

So now I’m using my Swiss Army knife, while in the market for a new corkscrew. Wondering if any oenophiles out there might have any suggestions. What works, and what doesn’t?

If you describe something specific and could post a link or a picture, that would be great.

Dinsdale, I highly recommend the Screwpull brand. Here is a link:

The Campagnolo Big Lusso is simply the business. It is the end-all of corkscrewage.

There’s a link.

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I can also recommend - from personal experience - The Rabbit. It’s a very quick operation, and I’ve many friends who were purportedly so taken aback they’re mostly getting them for Christmas.

Don’t mess with fancy stuff. Get a standard “Italian Waiter’s Corkscrew”(The kind where the screw folds out of the handle and you lever the cork out with the hinged thingy that doubles as a bottle-opener…it also has a small fold-out knife to use for cutting off foil) and practice using it.

Buy a good one, though. Mine is French-made stainless steel with a subtle arc to the handle to aid in levering. I spent about 18 dollars for it in Paris. A friend of mine has one, with a nifty horn handle, that I covet, but it runs about eighty bucks.

My goodness!
$150 corkscrews?
That’s a lot of Ripple!

I like the kind that has two somewhat flexible straight flats. You place one on either side of the cork and rock the thing side to side. The flat metal things work their way down on either side between the cork and the bottle. When it;s fully inserted, you grab the handle, twist this, and pull. The cork comes up in one piece, with no holes in it. Even if the cork is dry, it doesn’t break or crumble. The only problem is that now and then, despite your best efforts, the cork gets pushed into the bottle. But that’s pretty rare.

Another vote for the no-frills “Waiter’s” model.

Are you talking about the Rabbit? The one Xerxes linked to? I’ve seen them for around $90. It must be nice to have so much money you don’t know what the hell to spend it on.

Speaking as someone who bartended for a half a dozen years, I’ll have to put in another vote for the waiter’s style. For about ten bucks, you can find one that will never let you down; plus, it provides far greater leverage than any other style which I have tried. Try to find one that is curved and has a serrated knife on it.

You guys should take a look at the link for the Screwpull. By design, leverage is not an issue. As you twist the handle, the cork is pulled up.

I agree with those who suggested a good-quality waiter’s corkscrew. They’re moderately priced, easy to use, effective, compact, and durable.

The device CalMeacham describes is called a dishonest butler AKA the “ahso” opener. They are very slick, but require some practice. For day to day use, the standard lever action waiters corkscrew is unbeatable; I recommend one with a double lever, such as the pulltap.

There’s a good one at Bed, Bath, & Beyond that has the round thingy at the top and the two arms that raise up as you turn the top thing. Then you push the arms down and the cork pops up. It’s a heavier design than the chintzy ones you get at the grocery store, but it never fails to do the job. About $10 I think.

Here’s our old one. The Power corkscrew. $5.25!
Maybe I should upgrade to a Chateau Laguiole?
What on earth would justify making those so pricey?!

I know folks with the Rabbit, and folks who give away the Rabbit as gifts.

If you have to open lots of bottles, it’s great. If you want to impress drunks with wine-opening speed, it’s great.

If you have a budget, it’s not so great :wink:

I’ve got two corkscrews-- the ‘We Surrender’ corkscrew (twist head, arms go up), and a waiter’s corkscrew. Both work fine.

This is what I use. They work great! (BTW, I just picked up an extra one from a thrift store for a quarter.)

I concur with Cal(and Johnny). Once you learn to use an “ah so” you won’t go back. But I do keep the waiter’s on hand for emergencies.

My girlfriend bought me one of these last year and it is excellent… if you can afford it get one!

Why use them things? POWERTOOLS man!

I have the Cork Pops; lots of fun but you got to get the extra r134 cartridges because everybody has got to push the button and watch the gas expel from the end of the needle.