Best cream for calluse feet?'s+feet
Amlactic or okeefe? I had bougth the amlactin one many years ago and i recalled it worked very well for my calluse feet.

anyone here used it recently?

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I sand them down & use O’Keeffe’s.

I callus up real fast.

I use O’Keefe’s too. Slather it on a couple times a week, put on some socks to cover it and wear it the rest of the day like that. Keeps 'em smooth as a baby’s behind.

I use good, old fashioned vaseline petroleum jelly as a foot cream, and then put on socks for a while at least. I scrape at the calluses first with the “as seen on TV” Pedi Egg. I don’t know about anyone else but it’s really helped me.

After trying many products, I’ve settled for Foot Miracle. And those 32 ounces last a loooong time.

I like Gold Bond…put it on at night, come morning soft heels.

Shea Butter. The raw unprocessed chunks. Works just great. My feet split as the winter goes on…:frowning:

To get rid of calluses, Baby Foot. It’s a fruit acid treatment that removes calluses and dry skin from your feet. (If the calluses are really bad, you might need to do two treatments.)

Follow the directions – soak your feet beforehand. Put on the booties and leave them on for one to one and a half hours. Dry feet and rinse. Soak feet a few days later, then every few days after that. Apparently the soaking helps the peeling.

I make a lot of callus on my heels even when I get pedicures. After using Baby Foot it was GONE from my heels, the ball of my foot, everywhere, and all the gross dead skin on my feet had come off as well.

Once all the gross crap has peeled off, use Vaseline, cocoa butter, Bag Balm, etc. Something really thick. Put sox on after. You can take the sox off when you get into bed if you want (I do, I hate hot feet), you just want the moisturizer to soak in to your feet before you get into bed.