Dealing with dry skin on feet. Product recommendations?

I’ve always had dry feet, ever since I was a kid. I believe I inherited them from my mother. My dad and sister have nice looking soles without needing to exfoliate, but mine tend to be scruffy and prone to dryness. Especially when walking barefoot on carpet.

So, I’m looking for some product suggestions. I’ve got a ped-egg and it works fairly well to exfoliate the flat areas, but it doesn’t get between my toes. Also, the Jergen’s lotion I use doesn’t seem to moisturize very well.

I like this stuff.

I don’t use it often (because I forget), but when I do, I always notice a difference. It’s kind of thick. I love the fragrance. I put it on when I’m already in bed. Otherwise, I’d want to put some socks or something on to avoid smearing it all over the carpet or whatever.

Whatever lotion you decide on, I highly recommend the “slather your feet with goo and put on thin cotton socks” method before bedtime. It really works.

Concur - it helps tremendously. Look for stuff with shea butter, cocoa butter, lanolin, etc. and you want a product with a thick, solid consistency that comes in a tub (as opposed to something that’s thinner and comes in a pump bottle.)

I really liked Avon’s FootWorks line. That Pedi-Peel seemed to be magic.

I’ve been too lazy to order more Avon, so I started putting my Neutrogena hand cream on my feet and that actually seems to work well. I might get me some Avon for the summer tho.

I third the idea of putting on fresh cotton socks after you moisturize, and do it before bed. I actually also have some white cotton gloves that I wear on my hands too, because I tend to sleep with my hands on my face and have acne-prone skin. So I don’t want to get hand cream on my face.