Last night I wrapped my feet in plastic wrap

I’m sick to death of my weird foot skin problems. I’ve got those vertical cracks in my heels, but even worse, the pads of my big toes have developed rows and rows of scale-like peeling areas. The upshot is, it’s like my toes have the hook side of velcro on them - they catch on fabric, which often hurts the fabric, or me, or both. Also, it’s just damn ugly.

They say to put on lotion and cotton socks at night. But I never got that - the lotion just seems to rub off on the socks, mostly right when I’m putting the socks on, so what’s the point? You wake up with the same dry feet and greasy socks.

I figured I needed a way to really keep a moisturizer against my skin all night. Finally I decided to soak my feet for a few minutes, slather them with Vaseline, and wrap them in cling wrap. Then I put socks on over it all.

It was a little uncomfortable and difficult to walk, but not too bad. The feet look pretty good this morning. I think if I keep doing this, and use a pumice stone to slough of the dead skin to boot, I might finally get rid of my velcro toes!

A good (internet) friend of mind insists that loading up on Essential Oils will cure your dry foot problems. She takes 1 capsule 3 times a day and claims that her feet are soft as a baby’s bottom after suffering for years with exactly what you’re describing.

I haven’t really tried it because I just can’t seem to remember to take my vitamins but I thought I’d share.

Remember moisture=water. A good soak is essential the moisturizer or vaseline will serve to hold in the moisture absorbed by the soaking. Good luck!

BTW Velcro Toes = Band Name! :slight_smile:

Watch out for the plastic wrap. Can cause Sebacean Heat Delirium.


velvetjones, what manner of essential oils, if I may ask? I have EOs for cosmetics/household use that you’re not supposed to eat, so I don’t have any experience with what you’re talking about. Thanks!

plain old A&D ointment–apply liberally to heels.

Costs almost nothing, works like a charm.

Or try Bag balm -available at drug stores.

Use socks or wrap in plastic (I would think the plastic would get hot and uncomfortable).

2nd on bag balm. give it a shot