Best electric kettle? What do you have? Why do you love it?

Until a few minutes ago I had this model. It was a gift and I had never had an electric kettle before. It was very basic: Flick the lever to turn it on and it turns itself off when the water boils. Now it’s broken and I’m looking for a new one. I thought I would like one that was not ceramic and maybe not quite so heavy. There are so many! And with so many features! It’s overwhelming.

What do you have and what do you like about it? Do you use the features like “keep warm” and the variable temperatures?

I have the Brevel One Touch Tea Maker. Put bagged or loose-leaf tea in the basket, water in the pitcher, choose the tea type and brew strength, and it takes care of the rest. If you just want hot water, it does that, too.

It’s more expensive than just a straight electric kettle. Mrs.gnu and I drink a lot of tea.

garygnu: Hey, that looks nice. How easy is it to clean the…


never mind…

You have just defined all a kettle needs to do :slight_smile:

No: I had a fancy one with all the features and never used them. Then it quit and I bought a cheapish one that looks ok. The only features I would think important is sufficient power to boil the water quickly and the right size to boil the amount of water you want.

I have this simple, dirt cheap Proctor-Silex. They’re practically disposable at that price. It does what I need it to.

Yep, I am drinking tea at this moment from the dirt-cheap model :slight_smile:
“Boils water” was the only feature necessary…

I bought mine because it was red! (Although there are a bunch of red ones available now.)

It’s been working for years, although I’m not a heavy-duty user. (It’s in the TV room, so I can make a quick cup of tea while watching.) It’s light & plastic & works just fine. No “special” features are needed…

I’ve got this Cuisinart, which we got for our wedding a few years back. It works really quickly, we’ve used a couple of the different temperatures and they seem to do what they say they do, and it looks good in the kitchen (not unimportant for something that gets a lot of use and is always on the counter as a result). If it wasn’t a wedding gift I might have gone with something more minimal (aka cheaper), but my wife and I are both really happy with it.

I have pretty basic kettle needs. It just needs to boil water and turn itself off if I forget to, but I do really like the current one that detaches from its base so I can fill it at the sink without having to unplug it. It’s been going for at least five years of daily tea making and was probably in the $20 range when I bought it.

I’ve got the same Cuisinart that Kiros has, and like it well enough. It heats water quickly, and can be set over a range of temperatures, as he alludes to. I also like that it’s got a bit of storage for any extra cord, keeping the counter neater. I’m a little annoyed, though, that over a couple years’ time, the labels on the control buttons have worn off. I’d still recommend it though, but if you do get it, it may be wise to take care not to rub the buttons too hard when cleaning.

I’ve got this one from Adagio. Works great. I don’t think it cost quite that much when I bought it.

No complaints except it doesn’t fit well under water dispensers (fridge or bottled water). So, if that’s how you want to fill it, it’s not a good choice.

I don’t recall our brand, but we picked it up cheap at Wal-Mart.

And automatic off switch is essential. You don’t want to forget and have it boil dry.

I also like cordless models (the kettle sits in a chorded base). Makes it easier to move from one location to another.

Is it even possible to buy an electric kettle that doesn’t have an automatic off switch when the water reaches boiling point?

I drink about 1.5 liters of tea a day. I have this Hamilton Beach red kettle which works great. I only drink black tea so I don’t need the temperature range necessary for green tea. These are the features that are important to me (in order) that you might consider:

[ul][li]Cordless operation. I will never buy a non-cordless kettle.[/li][li]Auto-shutoff.[/li][li]If you drink green tea, a temperature setting.[/li][li]Easy to add water from spigot.[/li][li]Some sort of gauge to check water level.[/li][li]Metal construction. Most kettles have a strainer built into the spout. This has eventually broken off on every plastic kettle I’ve owned.[/ul][/li]I’d recommend against a clear glass (or plastic) kettle. They look really cool when they’re clean but once the heating element accumulates build-up it looks nasty.

Yes. My mom recently bought one; she got it because it whistled (instead of shutting off). It was a horrible design and failed every one of the factors I listed above.

I use a small “cordless” Hamilton Beach stainless steel model - very basic (on/auto-off), lightweight, works very fast and does everything I need it to (usually just boiling water for a single cup of tea at a time) while taking up a bit less counter space than a full sized model.

You probably don’t have Tesco over there but we recently boughtthis one.. The equivalent of $7.50 and it is fine. It even has a groovy blue light when turned on. No need to spend big on a kettle, it makes water hot and it doesn’t need any complications to do that.

We have a good old Russell Hobbs K2 in daily use. When and how exactly it came into my family is unknown. Neither my parents nor my sisters remember buying it - it just “has always been there”.

On some models if you don’t close the lid properly it keeps on boiling and boiling and boiling… And I have an old back-up 2-cup kettle I bought decades ago which never did cut out at all.
And auto cut-offs fail; we really like our cordless kitchen kettle but it’s aging and has started failing to switch off, which now we’re aware of it isn’t too much of a problem. Just have to make the effort to replace it soon.

I own this model except red. I’ve had it since 3/12. I use it twice a day’ boiling a liter of water each time. It is very basic. Shuts it’s off if I forget. I bought it because I wanted a red electric kettle. Bodum also makes a model half the size if you need less water each time. I clean it outside with a cloth and inside once a month with citric acid powder because I have VERY hard water.

They have newer model that is half the price.