Best fonts for formal personal letters...?

I’m writing a number of letters to suppliers for my forthcoming wedding at the moment - I want the letters to look elegant and classy, but not too business-like.

What fonts would dopers recommend for that classy look?

I want to avoid the usual suspects (Times, Arial etc), but don’t want anything wacky or too obviously “try-hard” - classy, restrained and understated is more my style…

… any ideas?!

New Century Schoolbook
Bodoni Book

“My” font is Goudy Old Style; I love it. I also recommend trying Georgia. It’s not quite my style (I prefer Palatino Linotype to Georgia) but it could be one you like.

Tahoma or Verdana all the way baby!


I like Bookman Old Style, but Garamond is similar and nice as well!

I like Garamond and High Tower Text. Definitely use a serifed font, at any rate.

Thanks all - I like Georgia, looks great for the address header - and I’m gonna work through some of the others and see what comes out best :slight_smile:

Garamond is one of my favorite fonts. I use it on all my papers.

Another vote for Garamond. I re-did my CV in Garamond and it looks fabulous! I use it for anything professional I do.

Why…Comics Sans MS, of course.


I second Bookman Old Style. Dignified, yet friendly.

My favorite is Caslon.

I like the style of the older typeface designs.

You forgot to mention the kitten clipart.

The designer’s rule of thumb is serif fonts for print and sans-serif for a monitor (for ease of reading).

Palatino has class. I use it on resumes.
For announcements, I usually prefer novelty fonts, but I don’t recommend them. You have to be a bit brassy to pull that off.

In my office we’re required to use Trebuchet supposedly because it gives a “professional” look. I don’t like it much myself.


Garamond, of course. I wrote my thesis in it. I’m convinced that it was the font that got me over the line…

Thesis committee: “Well, he obviously knows very little about engineering, but my what a nice font!”

And then he was hired by one of the Big Three automakers to make cars.

If you have to use any really small point sizes (like 8 pt or thereabouts), I find that Tahoma is the nicest and most legible at small sizes.