Best free online resource for basic math learning and review?

Hey all,
So I went back to school (AGAIN), and of course, forgot every eentsy teensy bit of math. :rolleyes: And I need to have at least a reasonable, basic level of knowledge for a two year business and landscaping program. (This is what I get for thinking I was done with math…) I’m looking for a free online resource for math review. Basically, I need to get up to the level of “actors and multiples, operations on fractions, percents, ratios and proportions, powers and square roots,
introduction to graphs, signed numbers.” (from the course catalog. I’m not sure if they even care about knowing algebra.) I can then take business math without needing to take any preliminary classes (which I do NOT want to spend the money and time on when I’ve had them all in the past. )

So here’s the question: which learning and review resources are good, where to go, and which ones to look at? Here’s one I found: This has several modules, all the way from arithmetic up to polynomials and quadratics (I REALLY don’t need to go quite that far…) This is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. The problem is that there’s a lot of this kind of thing out there, and some of these resources are a lot better than others. There may be no way to evaluate them without putting time in first, finding out it wasn’t the best, going to the next one, putting more time into that… etc. Between working, going to school, challenges with attention because of a brain injury and epilepsy… time effective learning is a must. S

o that’s what I’m asking that question here! :slight_smile: Who has some good ideas about which online resources are best for pretty basic math? Free is best, but if necessary, I’ll pay for them too. All advice welcome.

The Khan Academy

I was just going to suggest Khan Academy. It’s a wonderful resource.

I hadn’t seen or heard of this before, but just now I took a brief look and liked what I saw. Judging just from what little I saw (which may not be fair) this looks like a pretty good resource.

The Khan Academy, which dalej42 linked to, was the first thing I thought of. It’s been around a while and is pretty well-known.

I’m definitely checking the Khan Academy out. :slight_smile: I don’t think I’m going to keep searching for something specifically pitched to adult learners, because it’s the same math anyway. I think that all I really need to do is get up to pre-algebra. It’s amazing how fast you forget everything if you don’t use it… I actually went through half a year of calculus and statistics, but, well, I didn’t keep up with it. There’s no way to ever actually be sure you’re done with math… that’s probably the moral of the story.:rolleyes:

I was on the Khan Academy for several months. It was a great program but it didn’t exactly work for me. I found it very easy to advance through the courses but then two or three weeks later I couldn’t remember what i learned. I tried going slower but all it did was go a little slower with the same result. I plan to go back as I have more time on my hands now but I think they need more practical work problems where the math can be applied.