Best Friend In The World

So, who has that person in their life (not husband or wife) that is still their best friend. They are the person that doesn’t need an appointment for anything, they just need to call. My best friend is about as good as it gets and not only is a very loyal and caring husband but is also a very loyal and awesome best friend. I know he would have my back in any situation and I would have his and this seems like something that very few others I know are luck enough to have and for this I am truly blessed. So, how about you?

You broke your own “not husband or wife” rule there…

I dunno. Is that person the OP’s husband?

I read it as that this person was “a husband” (to someone else) while still being “a best friend” (to the OP), but I could be wrong.

I have a best friend of this sort, have since High School. We are both married to other people (happily, in my case). Our relationship is admittedly unusual in a lot of respects, as even though I always thought she was quite attractive, I never considered a romantic-type relationship - at first, because to do so would have been highly inappropriate; later, because we were already best buds, and to do so would have risked that.

We’ve been friends for over thirty years!

I’ve known my best friend since middle school, but we didn’t become best friends or even really hang out until our sophomore year in high school. In fact, I sort of hated him until we became BFFs!

I made friends with this girl C who was weird, and I am a weird girl too, so we were a good match. One day on the band bus she told me she liked some boy who was on the bus and I had to guess. I guessed every boy except T, who was even weirder than the two of us. My friend C was like Sam the Eagle and T was Gonzo.

Anyway she started dating him (I asked him to ask her to a dance) and he started hanging with us and I hated it. He was so annoying! He ate lunch with us. Blech.

C is two grades ahead of us so she went to college visits some days and left me and T alone at lunch. I totally forget how it evolved but by the summer he and I were BFFs (and I was not in love with him - I still find him to be a gross weirdo!) We sat next to each other in band, as it happened, and spent all our time together at band camp, since C was not there.

That was 20 years ago last summer. C and T are married, we’re all still BFFs. They live down the road. I talk to T most days, online. We get together 3 times a year for special days, every year for the last 20 years.

It’s nice.

Naw. I have moved so many times in my life I’m lucky to have close friends at all. Besides, who could be a closer friend than my other half, who I’ve spent 20 years with?

I do have one very good friend that I could call for help if needed, and I work to cultivate that relationship and not just let it die on the vine. Seems like a lot of people think friendship is something abiding and will last even if you don’t maintain it, but that has not been my experience.