Best Hip Hop D.J.

In another hip hop thread, Panurge mentioned my favorite dj, Premier. Love him. He is one of those djs that is so good, I don’t get mad at him when my favorite artists use him for some extra attention, (KRS used him to get back in the lime light and the result was awesome with the Rapture sample.)

I also love RZA, with all of my freakin being. He makes me positively high with his music. I quit smoking weed when I was 18, and the music that these djs drop never made me miss it.

I also love Psycho Les, dj Jazzy Jeff, Scott LaRock and a bunch of others that I will love think of as soon as someone else mentions them.

Blockhead is probably my favorite. Any time I see he has done a track, I can count on it to be pretty outstanding. The album that he did with the beyond weird Dose-One, Circle, is an amazing piece of art. I’ve taken the liberty of coining it prog-hop.

Danny!(D.Swain) is all around favorite(lyrics and beats). He does all his own beats, some of which are down right amazing. He has a Lupe Fiasco type of sound.

DJ Q-Bert is an incredibly scratcher, many say the best. I only really know his work from the *Wavetwisters *movie/album, but it’s enough to convince me.

Danger Mouse, the other half of Gnarls Barkely, has an impressive body of work across all genres. Anyone that can mix Jay-Z with the Beatles like he did on The Grey Album, deserves to be in this thread.

Ant, Black Milk, DJ Hi-Tek, the late J Dilla, Madlib, RJD2 are all reliably good, and more often then not, are really, really good. I’m also still a fan of Warren G.

tds1273’s post is pretty good, I can’t argue with most of that.
DJ Shadow needs a mention though, and by extension (though we’re getting quite a ways from mainstream hip hop) the UNKLE sounds BBC essential mix is one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard.

I love to hear Q-bert scratch. He did some great stuff with Kool Keith. The best scratcher I ever heard is in my own hometown, upstate NY. His name Wiz the Waxcutter and he is amazing to watch. I remember when the Warren G sound first hit the hip hop scene. It sounded like nails on a chalk board to me. But every real hip hop head I knew was in love with it.

Heh, with Warren G even a lot of real hip hop heads don’t like him. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of in between either; either love it or hate it. Hell, even Dre has called his beats cheesy. Me? They just take me back and always sound fresh. It could be a miserable, blizzardy day, but put that old West Coast sound on, close your eyes, and your instantly driving slow through the sunshine.

Peanut Butter Wolf

Dj Revolution, particularly his “In 12” We Trust" album

Dj Spinbad

The X-Cutioners

But Premier is my fav of everyone mentioned thus far. He is very formulaic, to where as soon as you hear it, you know it’s a Premier track, but he manages to keep making fresh new songs.

But for christsakes, the man produced Biggie’s “Unbelievable”, probably one of my favorite rap songs of all time.

THAT WAS PREMIER!!! I am officially MAD at you now. First, you school me on the meaning of ‘gripping wood’, now you still my fave Biggie beat in the world. I’m hatin’ on you. Damn, I hate being a dick rider, but you have my respect so freakin’ much with your hip hop taste.

*I think it is Premier on unbelievable, I am actually guessing. Also, I had to google more than one dj on your list.

I am happy you’re happy. Revolution is the most Premier-esque of all of those on my list. But Premier has also done quite a bit of stuff with the X-Cutioners. They usually give him a track to play with on their cd’s.

That one right there is gonna getcha :smiley:

No mention of DJ Shadow should come without Cut Chemist in the next breath… Product Placement still remains as one of my favourite mixes ever.

While I love RJD2, I have to admit I was very disappointed in his life show. A solid meh, with the only bright spot being Ghostwriter (which has one of the catchiest hooks ever in hip hop). As a studio DJ, though, he’s still incredibly listenable.

Really quickly:

DJ Premier
DJ Muggs
Dr. Dre
Pete Rock

More later, but wanted to punch my card…

No! Now. Tell your boss to wait.

I do notice something odd about djs. The best ones tend to be the best loved, across the board; which is very different, in my opinion, from MCs.

The more ‘obscure’ a dj is, the less likely I am to think he is very good. I noticed that when I went to a dj battle recently. The better known names were actually very good. But then I admit, the best scratcher I know is unknown.