Best internet pranks (non-harmful)?

I’m looking around for a few of the funnier pranks to play online, not excluding sites to sign people up to get strange things mailed to them via snail mail, random e-mail pranks etc…

Any good ideas?

I don’t know if this is a good idea or if the recipient would appreciate it, but there are many tourist boards for various countries (& states in the U.S.) that offer free visitor brochures by snail mail.

If I am not mistaken, using the US Post Office (in other words, snail mail) can get you in a great deal of trouble, Violet.

I’m not sure it is exactly a prank, but gathering some pictures and putting together a fake vanity website for the object of the practical joke might be a laugh. Be sure to give them all sorts of wild fetishes and bizarre affiliations. You can also photoshop them into compromising situations if the existing photos are too mundane.

Google bombs sound funny. Enter “Infinite Loser” into Google and, oh my, it’s your homepage that’s the #1 site!

You will need to be tech savy though.