Post funny April Fools links here.

Every year internet net sites do great April Fools jokes and pranks, and I am always afraid that I miss the good ones. So if anyone comes accross any neat online April fools prakns, link em here so that all may enjoy.

not necessarily pranks, but funny links I have come across in the past few weeks.

get ready to ALT+F4 or CTRL+W on the first one. I suppose setting that as someones ‘home page’ would be a good prank, if you were around to see it

forgot to warn about the second one. if you are burning a CD you might want to wait until it’s finished. (I have not tested it yet, but I don’t want to :P)

Well, for a good recap on some April Fool’s jokes of the past, check out the Museum of Hoaxes April Fool’s archive.

They’re not all strictly websites, but I thought that Google’s PigeonRank page was kinda neat.

The word “gullible” has been removed from the dictionary.


This is a good one from Consumption Junction (Clickable link removed because of adult material), sure scared the heck out of me…
Click Here

The best part was you have to fill in the form to get that it is a joke. I spent about an hour searching through websites to try to and figure this thing out, guess I am just a little slow today. has an article about GTA3 being ported to the Gameboy Advance.

Best joke ever!

(so, who wants to privately email a Mod and ask them to edit peepthis’ post so that it’s actually a link . . . to some kind of nasty porn site . . . and then report this post to a different Mod and get peepthis banned . . . )

Now that would be funny. Not a single person tried to get me all day long, despite all my various pranks, and I was starting to think nobody cared.

::sulk sulk::


…along the same lines, NoctrineX’s Cosumption Junction link does, in fact, have quite a bit of hardcore porn . Not work-safe at all.

NoctrineX, if you survive this, it would be very wise to read the rules of this message board. Links to porn, among other things, are NOT tolerated. Read up and good luck.

peethis, that was great. :smiley:

had me puzzled for a few. haha

hmm, should say ‘peepthis’ not ‘peethis’

sorry for spamming this thread twice :’(

NoctrineX, I removed the link you posted, as it contained quite a bit of adult oriented material, including numerous annoying pop-ups with nekkid stuff.

Don’t do this again.