Best LAN mail program?

Windows 95/98 clients.
Which LAN mail is best for you and why?

I would recommend Netscape or Eudora.
Avoid Outlook and Outlook Express like the plague that it is.

I second that Netscape. It has a lot of features.
I think it’s the right balance between security, reliability and features.

Webmail has less features.

Never fancied Eudora, personally.

We all know (or should) that outlook are targets for computer worm viruses. Do entscape or endoria offer any protection agains them?

The protection that they offer is that they are NOT outlook.

A high percentage of the “virus” emails are actually just outlook scripts written to do bad things.

For example, the “I love you” virus was just this. It used things that you DO want to do and combined them in a way that is bad. You want your email app to be able to send something to all of the people in your address book. You just don’t want it to do it automatically.

Make sure to turn off javascript in email as well. This helps stop some evil email.


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