Best low-cal base for onion dip?

I am currently trying to lose weight, and one thing that can make vegetables more palatable to me would be dipping them in onion dip. However, I imagine that the sour cream that I’d normally mix the onion soup mix into to make the dip would offset any weight loss I hope to achieve by eating the veggies in the first place. Anyone have any idea of what the best alternative, from a weight-loss perspective, to the sour cream might be?

And, I’ve already tried just sprinkling the dry onion soup mix on them…it doesn’t really hold.

Fat free plain yogurt is good, and IMO tastes a lot better than fat free sour cream. If you can find Greek style yogurt that’s even better, it’s thicker and creamier. Fage is a common brand, Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s usually have it.

If you can’t find it, you can also drain plain yogurt to make it thicker. Line a strainer with cheesecloth, coffee filters, or paper towels, and place the strainer over a bowl. Fill the lined strainer with yogurt, and refrigerate for a few hours. The longer you let it sit the thicker it gets, though if you leave it too long it gets nearly as thick as cream cheese - good for some things, but not others.

I have used the following to make spinach dip.

Low fat cottage cheese, blended in a food processor to remove lumps
Plain, low fat yogurt
Silken tofu

To get the “zing” of sour cream, I usually add a little lemon juice and garlic to my spinach dip. I also like to add sun dried tomatoes :slight_smile:

Have you tried low fat ranch dressing (Hidden Valley would probably be the best IMHO)?

I never usually eat onion dip with veggies…ranch for veggies, onion for chips.

It might also help to use ranch dressing because it’s thinner than sour cream-based dips, therefore you get more coverage w/o having a huge glop of dip on your veg.