Best lyin' lines

“ain’t no way to hide those lyin’ eyes”

– the eagles

“lies, lies, lies, yeah”

–the thompson twins

I saw Cecil at McDonalds

Jerry Bruckheimer is a great director.

Pauly Shore really needs to make a comeback.

I voted for Larry Flynt.

Passions is a show that should be nominated for every daytime emmy possible
but seriously, does anyone out that really even think this show is worth being on our screens?

I never had this problem with nobody in the government
I guess I always figured they never mean what they meant
And God help us all not to be so stone surprised
When we wake up in the stars with the skies in our eyes
If we keep tellin’ lies lies lies
Lies lies lies
Lies lies lies lies
Lies lies lies.

– Violent Femmes

I love you

If i’m so lost without a friend
Then tell me who’s this by my side?
This girl with eyes like gems
and cool reactions to your lies
(The Who)

If you hear more rumors
you can just forget them too
fools start rumors
none of them are true.
(The Who, again)

The check is in the mail

[kelly bundy]
The check is in my mouth
[/kelly bundy]