Memorable lines in movies about real-life rock bands.

Aw, man, the Doobies broke up! - Romancing the Stone

That’s…that’s… I love Creedence! - Twilight Zone the Movie

Name some more.

“It’s like listening to the Beatles without earmuffs.” – Goldfinger
“I hate the fucking Eagles, man!” – The Big Lebowski

“We’re not students, we’re the Ramones.” – Rock and Roll High School

“Remember what we did to Jello Biafra?” – Tapeheads (OK, actually a singer, not a rock band)

Lots of stuff from School of Rock.

“The Doors? Jim Morrison? He’s a drunken buffoon masquerading as a poet”- Almost Famous

(great movie, but I disagree with that quote)

When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.–Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Two from Aussie movie Thunderstruck about 5 AC/DC fans fulfilling a promise to bury their mate next to Bon Scott.

Talking about Bon Scott:

*Ronnie: He went out in style!
Sam: That’s how I want to go out!
Lloyd: What, choke on your own vomit? *

Lloyd is handed an AC/DC t-shirt to wear:

Lloyd: Do you have anything in white?
Sam: How many AC/DC shirts do you see made in white?
Lloyd: Well, it’s going to be a bit hot wearing black in the desert, Sam.

From a TV Show (Chuck) not a movie but still good:

Chuck: Look, Awesome and Ellie think I’m getting lucky in here and I wouldn’t want to disappoint them.

Sarah: How long do you want me to stay?

Chuck: Forty-two minutes and fifteen seconds. Arcade Fire’s first album… it’s like an auditory aphrodisiac.

Another from Almost Famous: *“Listen to Tommy with a candle burning, and you’ll see your entire future.” *

from High Fidelity
“Liking both Marvin Gaye and Art Garfunkel is like supporting both the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

“Let’s get it on. That’s our song. Marvin Gaye is responsible for our entire relationship.”

I knew this movie would get quoted, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. Enjoyable movie, though.

(and I agree with you. he may have been a drunk buffoon, but that was no masquerade.)

Ok, the whole movie is about a band. A quote from this movie is kind of a gimme, don’t you think? I’m gonna let you have it though because I love AC/DC and I’m sentimental, as well.

I Am Sam: “OK, remember when Paul McCartney wrote the song “Michelle” and then he only wrote the first part, Annie said. And then he gave that part to John Lennon, and he wrote the part that said, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” And Annie said that it wouldn’t have been the same song without that… and that’s why the whole world cried when the Beatles broke up on April 10, 1970.”

I had to imdb this one, to be honest.

From Still Crazy:

*“The only thing I have of value is this…Jimi Hendrix’s tooth. There was a fight in a pub down Oxford Street, someone planked him, and I picked it up. I knew he was a genius even then.”

That reminded me of Apollo 13.

Marilyn Lovell: [Barbara has locked herself in her room] Barbara!
[Knocks on the door]
Marilyn Lovell: Barbara, we’re going to hear your father’s broadcast!
Barbara Lovell: No! I’m never coming out! I hate Paul! None of us are ever going to play another one of their records again!
Susan Lovell: She’s still going on about the stupid Beatles breaking up?
Barbara Lovell: They’re not stupid, You’re stupid!

That looks like a very good movie. Go, go netflix queue!

Shaun of the Dead: Shaun & Ed are looking through Shaun’s LPs for suitable records to throw at two approaching zombies…

Ed: ‘Purple Rain’?
Shaun: No.
Ed: ‘Sign o’ the Times’?
Shaun: Definitely not.
Ed: The ‘Batman’ soundtrack?
Shaun: Throw it.
Ed: ‘Dire Straits’?
Shaun: Throw it.
Ed: Ooh, ‘Stone Roses’.
Shaun: Um, No.
Ed: ‘Second Coming’?
Shaun: I like it!
Ed: Ahhh! ‘Sade’.
Shaun: Yeah, but that’s Liz’s!
Ed: Yeah, but she did dump you.
Shaun: Oh!

OK then I’ll try another. Different Lloyd this time:

*Lloyd: Hey, look, the Monkees. They were a huge influence on the Beatles.
Dumb and Dumber

I lol’d! Much better. :smiley:

One of the great Jim Carrey ad-libs.

From The Wrestler:

Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson: Goddamn they don’t make em’ like they used to.
Cassidy: Fuckin’ 80’s man, best shit ever !
Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson: Bet’chr ass man, Guns N’ Roses! Rules.
Cassidy: Crue!
Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson: Yeah!
Cassidy: Def Lep!
*Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson: *Then that Cobain pussy had to come around & ruin it all.
Cassidy: Like theres something wrong with just wanting to have a good time?
Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson: I’ll tell you somethin’, I hate the fuckin’ 90’s.
*Cassidy: *Fuckin’ 90’s sucked.
Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson: Fuckin’ 90’s sucked.