Best markers to write on, wipe off, laminated paper.

The hubby has done me a great service and laminated some score sheets for my favorite game for my birthday.

What’s the best thing to use to write on them? Something fine-tipped, not too smudgy, that wipes off clean.

Water-soluable overhead markers?

Wet erase markers - Won’t work equally well on all surfaces, so test them before purchasing. They are less likely to smudge than dry erase, but are a bit more bothersome to erase. There might be an issue with the moisture and your laminated sheets depending on the type and quality of the lamination.

Dry erase markers - Should work well, but are prone to smudging, which doesn’t make them ideal for all circumstances. Some people don’t like the smell, but there are brands that aren’t as bad as others. Contrary to popular belief, they do come in fine point varieties, even if you usually see the large chisel-tipped ones.

China marker (grease pencil) - For some applications these are ideal and are the only option that works well on some surfaces. They are dry erase, but not quite as susceptible to smudging as their whiteboard marking brethren. The tip isn’t very fine, but the good ones can be sharpened easily enough.

Basically, try them all and stick with what you like best. :slight_smile:

I use Sharpies on my laminated maps. The only trouble with them is you need to use nail polish remover to clean with.

I prefer lemon-scented, non-acetone.

You can also use rubbing alcohol, hair spray, or vodka to erase Sharpie.

Try a Dixon Dry Erase white board marker. We use them on scene slates. Tape a makeup powder puff to one end and you have a “mouse.” Not real sure about lamination material but give it a try.


Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I’m not sure about the type of lamination. He just had it done at Kinkos, and the laminate seems quite thick to me. The sheets are more rigid than typical laminated posters and stuff.

I have about a bajillion ultra fine point Sharpies for, um, Georging, but I don’t really like the idea of lugging around a special solvent. Although . . . I do have these awesome alcohol swabs I got from Surpie. They’re like moist towlettes, but moistened with alcohol instead of . . . whatever it is that moist towlettes are moistened with. Ah, anti-static wipes. I used to use them to correct mistakes made with permanent overhead markers, back in the day before reliable Powerpoint availability, when you had to do talks on transparencies. I wonder how many of those I have left? Maybe I should stock up while they’re on clearance.

I’ll do a side-by-side test with some wet-erase markers and Sharpies w/ towlettes.

I’ve got some china markers too, which are excellent for making a durable mark that wipes off easily, but they’re really too blunt for this application (you have to write legible numbers in small score boxes), and I don’t want to mess around with sharpening. Fine point grease pencils seem like such an obvious thing—they must be impossible to make, or else someone would be selling them.