Best Microwave Popcorn Brand?

Okay, I don’t really like popcorn all that much (years working at a movie theater in high school). But it is nice to have around for guests, and every once in a while, I’ll enjoy it. But I don’t buy it much.

I’d picked up some Orville Redenbacher’s 100-cal packs. That stuff tastes like bleh. There has to be something better out there.

So, suggestions? Prefer the only flavoring to be butter, and relatively healthy.

I much prefer Act One among the standard grocery store microwave popcorns.

Do you mean Act II? That’s the one I came in to mention. Not only, IMNSHO, does it taste better, it’s(at least locally) 20% cheaper than other standard brands.

I like Pop Secret Homestyle.

:o Yes, Act II. Sorry! :o

Am I the only one who makes popcorn anymore? Bulk popcorn, real butter, salt, in a paper bag, scrunch up the top, throw in the microwave. You can do it on the stovetop as well.

Yes, I’m sure you can make popcorn the old fashioned way. But I don’t really like popcorn; I want quick and easy stuff for other people. Sort of like why I keep instant coffee around.

Anyway, woke up this morning with Orville’s horrible aftertaste still in my mouth. Ugh. That stuff went into the trash.

Act II or Pop Secret Homestyle it is, then.

You put the butter in the bag? It doesn’t leak through? How long do you pop it? I used to make it in a bag a million years ago, but I forget how long I cooked it. Can you just use the popcaorn setting?

I disagree with the above posters - I don’t like Act II at all. I find it bland. I recommend you try Cousin Willie’s Light popcorn. It’s very inexpensive (at least at Wal-mart) and quite good.

Pop Secret Homestyle FTW!

Nope, I just got into stovetop popping myself. Usually I use a lot of olive oil and some garlic in a pot. Tastes pretty good even without salt. If I want a treat, I whip out the coconut oil. I’ve been wanting to start experimenting, next step is curry popcorn, hehe. I never knew what a difference it made, but it is delicious.

As for microwave popcorn, the last one I really liked was America’s Choice (light natural?) it doesn’t have all the nasty salt and artificial butter that the movie theater style popcorns have and you can actually taste the corn (Imagine that!) Plus it is usually cheaper than the national brands.

I would really suggest buying a bag of popping corn and popping it yourself. It costs a dollar a pound and you get so many servings in a pound of popcorn. It takes me about 5 minutes to do it on the stove, so it’s not much longer than the microwave.

Pop Secret Butter (not Extra Butter) gives us the best results. We’re not addicts, but do go through a six-pack in a few weeks to months. During football season it goes much faster.

Microwave popcorn sucks, all of it.

I either use bulk popcorn and a microwave air popper thing (when I feel like being healthy) or use a pot and make it on the stove (when I want it to taste the best, health be damned).

After having eaten Kettle Corn just seconds out of the kettle I’ll probably never eat microwave popcorn ever again.

I’ve never had a bag of Act II that didn’t turn into a charcoal briquette. The stuff would be more edible raw.

The absolute best popcorn you can get (old-fashioned or microwaveable) is the Trail’s End stuff the Boy Scouts sell. I think it’s around this time of year that they sell it, so ask around among any scouts you know. It might be a little more expensive than the store brands, but it’s worth it, and besides, it’s for a good cause.

No you’re not. I’ve already responded that my favorite microwave brand is Act II, but at home I make it in a pan. I freaked some kids out once doing it that way, they honestly thought popcorn always came in paper bags.:stuck_out_tongue:

I paper bag pop in the microwave. It’s a cinch- a bag of popcorn from the store, in a single-kernel layer in the bottom of the paper bag. Into the mic and go until the pops are slowing down. Into the bowl, and then butter & salt on top.

Takes the same amount of time as a prepackaged brand and tastes SO much better.

Edit- I also still love Jiffy Pop, even though my arm gets really tired!

Orville’s Tender White is our favorite. It has a buttery flavor without the yellow color, which is kinda weird. And it’s tender, just like it says.

Another vote for Pop Secret Homestyle! Its always seemed pretty popular to me…about half the time when I run out of popcorn at home and go shopping for it, the space for Homestyle is empty while the other varieties of Pop Secret are available in plentiful numbers. Sometimes if I go down that aisle and I see that its in stock but I don’t need it at the moment, I pick a box up regardless.

My wife, always looking out for my health, had me on Smart Balance popcorn for a while. On a coupon whim, we got some Pop Secret Homestyle. It was a big difference! It tastes much better, and unlike Smart Balance, there’s hardly ever any unpopped kernels.

Helvitia, Smart Balance Popcorn!