Best music to strip to - or I'm making an S factor CD

Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” is really gritty and excellent for stripping.

“Rag Doll” by Aerosmith
“Stripsearch” by Faith No More
“Pony” by Ginuwine (sp?)

You must have seen “Exotica.” I actually think that song was chosen as an ironic backdrop for stripping, not because it’s actually good music to strip to. It’s emotional content is actually anti-erotic.

Caress Me Down, by Sublime. It’s the only song you’ll ever need.

You misspelled “stalkerish”

My Angel is a Centerfold.

“Stranglehold,” by Ted Nugent has just about the sexiest riff ever.

The very best stripping song ever is “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC. It so rules over the others that it doesn’t even merit discussion.

In empire records they used Snake by the Throwing Muses. I’ve yet to hear a song as perfect for the job.

“I Feel You” by Depeche Mode has that slower, steady beat I think you are looking for.

Hello. New guy here, and I guess this is as good a thread as any for a starter. For those that know her, I’m Nightingale’s hubby. Been hearing about this board forever now, and the NetNanny at work finally allows me to view it. Peachy.
Anyway, to the topic. If you’re wanting something maybe a tad offbeat, give “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie a listen. If you enjoyed it or want to hear more, he released an album a few years ago that’s actually called “American Music to Strip By.” It’s a remix album based off his Hellbilly Deluxe release. I don’t know firsthand, but according to interviews I’ve seen his music is fairly popular in this occupation. Best of luck!

Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry.

Excellent stripper song :slight_smile:

The Great Gig in the Sky – Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

Let’s Get it On – Marvin Gaye

Son of a Preacher Man – Whats her name

Thinking of Baby – Elmer Gerstein

Man with a Golden Arm – Billy May

Harlem Nocturne – Spike Jone’s New Band

(Those last three are on a CD called The Crime Scene)

So, you will send videos to people who’s songs you select, right?

You betcha. Three song sets :smiley:

Wow. It took 33 posts before somebody mentioned a video. When I saw this thread’s title I expected it to be full of sophomoric remarks and pick-up lines.

I have to be honest–I’m a little disappointed in all of you. It seems like nobody is keeping up with the level of class I’ve grown used to seeing on the SDMB.


There is always White Zombie’s Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds to peruse for inspiration.

I wholeheartedly second this choice.

Back in the 80’s I used to work the night shift at an adult theater, doing the books and data entry. The theater had live strippers between the movies to try and draw in more customers at a time when video was starting to really hurt X-rated theaters. Since I was there, and since I worked upstairs, one of my job duties was to run the spotlight and start the music for the dancers. I used to love making up compilation tapes and passed them out like candy to every dancer who went through there. A few of them even took my suggestions. It sure made running the lights and turning on the music a lot more fun.

It sounds like you’re looking for arena rock which I don’t know anything about (my speciality is more intimate, more obscure female vocals), sorry, but how often does someone get a chance to drop into a conversation and say they used to work at an X-rated theater running lights for strippers? I had to take it.

I’m very old school.