What's your stripper song?

I’m talking about the song that, when you’re home alone listening to music( for me it’s when I’m doing housework) it comes on and it instantly puts you into stripper mode, i.e. bump and grind, seductive, picture yourself on stage performing it to a leering crowd.

My favorites are The Chauffeur (not Rio!) by Duran Duran and Possum Kingdom by the Toadies. Something about them really lets my inner hoochie out (that does not sound right).

I suppose this question is more addressed to the ladies but guys are welcome to play along too. If you’re not the dancer yourself, what song would you like to see your lady dance / strip to?

I clicked on this OP out of curiosity. WOOKIN - have you listened to the lyrics on Possum Kingdom? That song just creeps the heck out of me. The fact that it has parts that are a funky meter (7/8 maybe?) also. To be clear, I really loved the song for a while until I focused on the lyrics. Now I love the riffing, but can’t leave it on.

When I read the OP, my first thought was “no, actually I never get grindy over a song” ;). However, what did jump to mind was a song that, when I first heard it, made me think of a stripper scene where the woman walks out fierce to the initial riff and does her thing. The lyrics aren’t much better than Possum Kingdom, but that riff still grabs me - Godsmack, Keep Away: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1uvwGmRf5M8

Typically I’d think of an old classic, perhaps something by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. The theme from The Dating Game? However, I’m all for an adventurous someone livening it up and giving Misirlou a fair shake sometime.

Come to think of it, I just might enjoy a gal dancing to the Rolling Stones’ Under My Thumb. That I could get behind.

Oh say, that Godsmack song it quite rockin’! I’d have to be more familiar with it to get any kind of dancing vibe but it’s a great jam. As for the lyrics to Possum Kingdom, well, one isn’t going to *mime *the words like Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph doing Wilson Phillips’ Hold On :stuck_out_tongue:

“The Stripper” from 1962 can’t be topped. David Rose, B-side turned into #1. Ebb Tide on the A.

Yeah, the Godsmack song has a great, sinewy groove. As for PK, yep, I hear you - the groove is great.

lieu - Miserlou? That could be an interesting session. If the stripper could make the tassles spin at that speed…:wink:

Shitlist by L7.

Saw an awesome stripteese by Rita Moreno in the movie Marlowe starring James Garner. She is absolutely smoking hot

Feelin’ Good, Nina Simone. The bump and grind part starts around 40 seconds in.

Going old school, I’d say “Naughty, Naughty” by John Parr. P-p-p-please me!

In These Shoes?


Is it my imagination or is the majority responders so far male? C’mon ladies, you know you like to shake your money maker in the privacy of your own home :wink:

Although I didn’t meet her there and never saw her perform, I dated an impossibly beautiful Iranian gal for a few months that was a dancer in a men’s club. Her favorite songs to dance to were Mack the Knife and something by Cab Calloway… Minnie the Moocher?.

Shout-out to a fellow Duran Duran fan.

Mine would be “So Alive” by Love & Rockets.

Which Peaches?

This one

Et voila!-

This is me, for once, playing on the static pole.
Song is, Peaches by The Stranglers :slight_smile:


Ooh - another good candidate. :slight_smile:


Oh it’s this. This wonderful obscure long out of print title by deceased blues singer Kathi McDonald and Sly (of Sly and the Family) Stone. It’s raunchy and dirty and purrrrfect for some bumpin’ and grindin’.

Right on!

As an aside, about a year or so ago I went to a few strip clubs with my then boyfriend. They were not playing anything like the stuff mentioned here and the women were not so much dancing as bending over with their asses convulsing, or what I would later learn is twerking. Jesus, how freakin’ unattractive. I was looking forward to some pole work and some honest to goodness dancing. It was pitiful.