What's your stripper song?

Bad To The Bone, George Thorogood

I can’t help gyrating a little bit when I hear All That Jazz, from Chicago.

There’s a scene of a stripper jumping out of a cake to this very song in a movie from some years ago starring James Caan and maybe Dennis Quaid? Her performance did *not *end up being sexy but it *could *have been.

This is a great song but it tends to make one shimmy as opposed to grind, imo :smiley:

At my age (67), every attempt at movement is a grind.

This would have been popular when your granny was stripping, back in the day:

Pour Some Sugar on Me.

Close second might be Aerosmith’s Crazy. Plenty of inspiration from the video, too!

On the nosey. I swear you can hear the tassled pasties. I still have that 45.

Gangnam Style

Tender Sugar by Akira Yamakoa and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Its from the Silent Hill series and I tell you, the whole song has a nice sexy sound to it, but that guitar solo - damn! I can just picture a dimly lit stage and a slowly gyrating dancer grooving to that bit.


For obvious reasons, this was the first thing that came to my mind. My God, this woman was HOT!!! :cool:

The guys I used to hang out with after graduating from high school introduced me to a place called The Belmont in St Paul. I fondly remember these two songs from my misspent youth:
One of the girls was actually called "Brandy" (not sure how she spelled it; maybe with two "e"s :D ). "TSOP" was the nightly big finale: five girls on stage at once! :o


For youse guys that mentioned The Stripper, when I think of that song all I can picture is that scene from The Full Monty.

Sneaky Snake.

Duh. :wink:

Wow, what year was this?

Thirty-four posts, and no one’s mentioned** this?**



And speaking of The Full Monty, Hot Stuff and mimicking the scene while he’s waiting in the queue. :slight_smile:

[quote=“terentii, post:35, topic:735130”]

Thirty-four posts, and no one’s mentioned** this?**


We, um, become distracted and forget why was it that we looked up that clip.

No love for “Little Egypt” ?


(Yes, the Coasters’ version is better, but the Elvis clip has more attractive visuals. For the boys and the girls both)

Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm gets me up and going.