Best name/crime combo EVER.

Bud Weisser arrested at Budweiser Brewery
Maybe he was just confused by the name & thought it was his place???

He was looking for his friend Al Cohol.

He’s a sadder Budweiser man.

I’ve always been partial to Daisy Cowit plowing into a herd of cows while texting.

Folks, you cannot make this shit up.

Then there’s the real Walter White.

If there were awards for Internet, you would win.

"Your honor, my client would like to plead temporary insanity, which was actively brought on by the Plaintiff.

My client was briefly insane at the time the crime was committed and therefore was incapable of knowing the nature of his/her alleged criminal act. The Defense is willing to show through pictures, movies, and various sound recordings
that three frogs owned by the Plaintiff have actively engaged in keeping him from a full nights sleep for Years…"