The Lawyer, the Rock Star, and the Beer Company

Before I went to law school, all the lawyers went through the usual lecture about how it’s nowhere near as glamorous as they make it out to be on The Practice. You’ve probably heard it before: the hours are long, the work is mind-numbing, and the clients are boring as all get out.

So I go into a partner’s office today to get assignments in a couple new cases. My client in the first case is a big time rock star. My client in the second case is a big time beer company.

I love my job. :smiley:

Yeah, but are you getting laid or something? I mean, from the subject line, we’ve got the rock star and the beer company covered, but the last is unaccounted for.

Aaaaarrrrghhhh!!! I was going for Hemingway in the title, and instead I get the lamest pornographic thread title ever. :frowning:

Could a passing mod kindly make the the “Layer” in the thread title read “Lawyer”? I’d be ever so grateful.

The fates of the beer and music industries may depend upon it.

~ Tell us when you get a 5’7 paperweight. Then we’ll know
you’ve got it going on. Until then…can we guess at the
rock star?

can we at least get hints on the rock star and beer company. something along the lines of heavy metal frontman from the early 80’s and whether the beer is one of the majors or a totally kwel boutique brewski?

You do realize that that made it an even lamer porno title, don’t you?

Sorry, confidentiality and stuff. You undoubtedly know both of 'em, though.

Wonder if the beer company sends its attorneys holiday gift packs?