Best of the Rest of the Top 40: 1957

It is now time for the second episode in our second musical retrospective. After eliminating the number-ones from 1957’s year-end top 40, we have 28 songs to review, including a few examples of what was already a dying trend at the time of competing artists trying to “cover” the market by recording their own versions of a contemporary song (hence the origin of the term.)

What’s your favorite?

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Really, just not going to blow a chance to vote for Chuck Berry. If it weren’t for his entry, “That’ll Be the Day” would have gotten my vote.

“I’m Walkin’” wins my vote. I don’t have enough information to decide which song is dead-ass last.

This is also the point where old school (Big Band and its derivatives) meet proto-Rock and Roll.

Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley (eventually) would adopt Rock, the rest were sure it was a passing thing and stuck to the same styles from the early 50’s.

Tough choice between the Del-Vikings, the fat man and the Everly Brothers. I’m going with Come Go With Me for its heavy R&B chops and harmonies, with a heavy nod to The Everly’s harmonies; they were amazing and they heavily influenced singers to come.

I can dismiss this list and say that it is not worth it and before my time.
But I experiment and step out my comfort zone and give things a chance. So that is what I will do, give each one a listen and vote.

Thanks for posting these by the way!

I voted for “Little Darlin”
Second would be the Del Vikings.

Hell, there were ten that were worthy of being #1.

That’s where I’m at, but the other way 'round (with a big nod to The Killer and the Fat Man!)

CMC fnord!

This was hard. So many good ones. I eventually went with Harry Belafonte. (Maybe Beetlejuice tipped me over.)

This. I’m still mad at the world that we only had one chance to vote for him in the ‘#1 singles’ polls…and I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for My Ding-A-Ling (and thankfully, neither could anyone else).

I voted Everly Brothers in this poll, but it was between them, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Buddy Holly for me (and it seems all those are doing well in the poll, so y’all have good taste. :wink: )