Best of the Rest of the Top 40: 1958

Once again, our retrospective series brings us to the peak of the first rock & roll boom. It’s 1958, and after filtering out the chart-toppers, we have 25 songs to look at in this poll. Which is your favorite?

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Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire, this was an easy one!

Yes indeedy.


Indeed. Jerry Lee and his raucous song was rock music in its pure form.

I was just about to vote for “Tears on My Pillow” when I saw JohnT’s post and noticed that “Great Balls of Fire” was on the list.

The Killer is killin’ this poll in the early stages, and it’s no surprise.

Yep. I’m with crowd here–Jerry Lee Lewis.

Interesting that The McGuire Sisters had a hit tune this late in the game. I always thing of this era as primarily rock and roll, but some of the old timers were still hanging in there. Tommy Dorsey was dead, but his orchestra was still a working band, as was Billy Vaughn’s.

The out-of-control instrumentals in “Wear My Ring” that give you the feeling that if Elvis didn’t start singing the next verse, they might just all slide out of the studio and out into the street is what made that one a winner for me.

Going down the list, I was torn between “Sweet Little Sixteen” and “Book of Love,” but once I got to “Great Balls of Fire,” that settled it.

Guessing that it wouldn’t get too many votes, but it’s a great song anyway, I voted for “Catch a Falling Star”, mostly for the melody. I guess I was right…