Best of the Rest of the Top 40: 1960

Our retrospective survey now brings us to 1960. 1959 was a split decision (albeit one with not many votes yet), and I’m curious to see how things will turn out now that we’ve once again passed the first wave of rock & roll and are entering the age of teen pop that came between Elvis and the Beatles.

Excluding the number-ones, we have 26 songs on this list. What’s your favorite?

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Among the few I’ve heard, Beyond the Sea is my favorite.

Some good memories again. I loved The Ventures when they came out (and still have the original album), but music is always retrospective and I’ve got to go with Roy Orbison for his vocal range (in a close contest with Bobby Darin’s swinging version of La Mer). Sam Cooke was a better singer, but Chain Gang wasn’t his best effort.

Walk Don’t Run in a narrow victory over Only the Lonely

For me, it was Beyond the Sea in a narrow win over Walk Don’t Run. Bobby Darin’s style of orchestral pop was well on its way out of style by 1960, but it’s a great song and he executes it well, and the drum fills during the middle eight are killer.

I like the Sam Cooke song, finally a list where I know some numbers. I decided to abstain from the 50’s polls, just like many abstain from the newer ones. My gut tells me these songs are good , so I’ll give them a listen and come back.

Ah what the heck, gave it to the late great Mr. Cooke.


I just quickly scanned down the list and Sam Cooke’s “Chain Gang” immediately jumped out at me. I reviewed the list more carefully and, yeah, I’m sticking with it.