Best of the Rest of the Top 40: 1985

Our survey now returns to 1985. I had to go to #51 to compile this list of 25, which, at the risk of poisoning the well, I’m gonna say is not as utterly amazing as the last few years have been. (“Boys of Summer” and “One Night in Bangkok” all just barely missed the cutoff point, alas.)

What’s your favorite?

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Woo-hoo! Prince has 100% of the vote!

For now.

I had to be ‘different’ and go with the Honeydrippers. Although as fun and honestly well done as “Sea Of Love” was/is, I really, REALLY wish “Rockin’ At Midnight” had charted better than it did…super fond memories of how the once premier classic rock station in Raleigh, NC, WRDU 106.1 (may it RIP) would play “Rockin’” on the hour every midnight.

Mistake Alert: “Part Time Lover” was a #1 song in 1985, so should have not been on this list. Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” belonged here. Aargh!!

**Prince **- Raspberry Beret. One of his best songs IMHO.

However, back in 1985, I’d voted for Duran Duran as they were my favourte band.

Oh, and the video for Billy Ocean’s Loverboy used to freak me out. Seriously, what did aliens shooting each other in a poorly-lit cave have to do with the lyrics?

Gave my vote to Prince, about time I voted for man in these polls. Howard Jones and Glenn Fry as runner ups.

God dammit

Anyone who has not voted yet - please consider a vote for “Part Time Lover” to be equivalent to casting a vote for the #52 song of the year - “Suddenly” by Billy Ocean.

(No Boys of Summer still, I’m afraid - that was #53.)

I try to vote for the artist and the song, so this time around it had to go to prince. Most of the list is pop fluff so even if the song was good it was a low impact event. Prince on the other hand.

Got to be the Purple One. One of his best songs, and from an album that sometimes seems a bit under-rated.

I figured “Raspberry Beret” would run away with it, and since for me it was a tough call between that and “We Belong,” I went with the latter. But if I’d seen Smapti’s update about “Boys of Summer,” I’d have voted for that.

I don’t think you read the update thoroughly.

I woke up this morning with “The Heat Is On” running through my head even though I’ve neither heard nor thought about the song in years. So I feel a need to vote for it in this poll. And looking at the selection, it may just be the one that I would have voted for anyway.

My decision was between Ms. Benatar and Prince as well, and I went with Pat. Boooo-urns for reminding me that Jack Wagner had a music career once. 1985 me probably would have voted for “You Belong to the City” because, Miami Vice, man.

After all the excellent selections available in 82-83-84, things have gone straight to hell here. Prince was my only option. (A good option, mind you. It is my favorite Prince song, and calls to mind some of the psychedelia that was burbling around on college radio in those days. Good music was being banished from the Top 40 and returning to the underground in '85.)

Yeah, '85 seems to be a down year for me, too. 82-84 had so many songs that scream “EIGHTIES” but somehow 85 doesn’t have nearly as many.

I’m surprised at how strongly I feel for We Belong but in the end I went with Prince.

Maybe it’s because I’m just a wee bit too young to have appreciated the music when it was new, but I’ve never really felt the love for Prince. His stuff just sounds too overproduced and artificial to me, and even when he’s trying to be erotic it just sounds synthetic and fake. The only song Prince was involved with that I can really say I enjoy is “Stand Back”, which had Stevie Nicks going for it.

So I went with Pat Benatar on this one.

I do assure you, we’ve got a few more '80s gems in the upcoming polls.

This was tighter than spandex on a 350-pound woman, but I picked Diana Ross’s “Missing You” over the Pointer Sisters’ “Neutron Dance.” “Things Can Only Get Better” also got some consideration, but I don’t like the part that goes “whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.” “Missing You” is not to be confused with the John Waite song of the same name that has been played to a gruesome death by the 80s stations.

“Cherish” is dead-ass last, with “Easy Lover” not too far ahead.

“All I Need” was part of a plot line on the soap opera General Hospital that year. Jack Wagner played a singer, Frisco Jones, and John Stamos played the drummer in his band who also wrote songs for him. He had writer’s block and stole “All I Need” from another character, and “accidentally” killed her when she threatened to turn him in. He got caught and sent to prison, and that’s how John Stamos was free to join the cast of Full House.

For me it’s between Easy Lover and Part-Time Lover. I could listen to either one pretty much all day now. Back then I probably listened to Easy Lover more so…Easy Lover it is!

Pat Benatar is another vastly underrated artist from this era, in my opinion. Surprised she’s in 2nd place. Also surprised by how much Raspberry Beret is winning, although it is a good song.