Best of the Rest of the Top 40: 1988

Our survey brings us now to 1988. We’re reaching the end of the classic rock era, and the end of the era where I’ll have to dig deep to find 25 songs that didn’t make it to #1 (went to #54 this time, including a cover of a song that had been a #1 by two separate artists).

What’s your favorite?

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This was a very tight contest between “Shattered Dreams” and “I Don’t Wanna Go on with You Like That.” I ended up picking the former. “Devil Inside” was also in contention.

“Make It Real” was dead-ass last.

Mea culpa: I misspelled Whitesnake’s “Is This Love” in the poll as “Is This Live”.

Simply Irresistible is what its title says!

“She’s so fine, there’s no tellin’ where the money went.” I dated that girl.

Gonna vote for Sir Elton, just because.

Robert Palmer gets my vote.

Huh, I thought I* liked* the 80s. This is the worst year yet!

The 80’s sound is still going strong in 1988 but it’s starting to get tired out. The band that would do more than any other to kill it was just starting out in Seattle. Nirvana released “Love Buzz” in late 1988.

Coincidentally my favorite album of 1988 is U2’s Rattle and Hum which is not 80’s-styled at all.

I voted for INXS.

Moderators can you please help?! I wanted to vote for Information Society but it accidentally hit my vote for the Jets, damn it! Phuck!

Information Society gets my vote, Johnny Hates Jazz, Elton John and INXS are the other contenders. My vote here is null and void, not legit.

Information Society!!!

I kindly ask for the opportunity to be allowed to re cast a vote.

“Simply Irresistable” gets my vote. Such a fun song.

The Bangles - * A Hazy Shade of Winter*, hands down. A cover that rocks (and the original song was very good, too).

Now I kind of regret voting for Manic Monday in the 1986 poll. As I said then, it’s not their best song but I thought it’d my only chance to vote for them. Oh well.

Apart from that, not a great year as others have rightly mentioned. Pour Some Sugar On Me, Shattered Dreams and Tell It To My Heart are OK. Elton John, INXS, Robert Palmer and The Pet Shop Boys have done much better than the songs listed here.

The others are forgettable.

I actually like this year fine. I went with “Hazy Shade of Winter,” as much as I generally didn’t want to vote a cover, but it’s a fine cover. “Simply Irresistable” was my second choice, and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” is a fine example of 80s cock rock, love it or hate it. “Devil Inside” also vied for my top selection. I do loves me some INXS.

I voted for that song, largely because that is one of the greatest lines in Rock and Roll history.

Without absolutely any hesitance after one glance at this offering, Information Society in a heartbeat.

Not a single song here I can support. Abstaining.

By 1988, Top 40 was so terrible I was listening exclusively to alternative music (back when that descriptor had real meaning).

I’m seeing Def Leppard in September, and they got my vote here. :slight_smile:

Yeah, can’t believe they’re not winning this one.

So much Marx on this poll it would turn Lenin into a raving capitalist.

Voted for the Pet Shop Boys.