Best Online Poker

I have recently taken up playing online poker at PartyPoker,com (it was recommended as the site with the dumbest players). I lost interest in making $1 an hour playing sensible low stakes and started playing tournaments. Now that I can stay in the game for hours it seems that the servers always manage to crash if I am doing well. Is there another site with thousands of players and lower levels of fallability?

Wrong forum. I use pokerroom and planetpoker and I never crash.

The general rule is that you should expect to win one big bet an hour as a professional poker player, a good article from a good magazine resource, Card Player. It’s not an easy gig, oftentimes it is called grinding. Your one dollar an hour you make may be right on par if you’re at a .50 -$1 dollar table. In the short run, you can win a few huge pots and make well above that, but in the long run, it’s going to even itself out more. Although the more fish in the game, the better your earning an hour should be, you still have to deal with poor cards, bad beats, and players catching their cards on the river that will cost you your winnings.

I haven’t done enough online poker to give a recommendation about a site. Here is a site that PURPORTS to rank the cardrooms, complete with reviews. However, I haven’t found out if that site is legit or just another paid-by-the-rooms website that just ranks the ones who pay them the most. Use at your own risk.

I haven’t compared and contrasted, but Absolute Poker seems pretty stable, is quite playable, and has a variety of stakes. It’s free to sign up and and you can get into “fun” games (as opposed to “real money” games) to test it out.