Best place for photo developing in NYC

Hey Everybody,

Since I moved to the Big Apple life has been fantastic, except for one pokey little thing: I have yet to find a decent place for photo developing.
Now I know that many of you have already jumped on the digital highway and are busy sending .jpgs to all your friends and family. Goody for you. But I’m a late adopter (read: I wait until stuff is cheap and reliable) so I’m still working with my 35mm camera and my wife’s APS shutter-snapper.

Hence the dilemma. I’ve been to Duane Reade (they’re everywhere) and their developing skills leave much to be desired. So does anyone else in NYC have a recommendation for where I should take my negatives to be turned into positives?

What, no one develops photos in the Big Apple ?


You need to keep in mind that I’ve worked at the same place for 13 years, and prior to that, I went to college there, so just about very business I recommend is within a three block radius of Washington Square Park.

That said, there is a photo place on Waverly Street, between Washington Square East and Greene Street. It has a bland name like “Village Photo” or “Photo Village” or something equally impossible to google. Anyway, I’ve had very good luck with them. It’s the kind of place where they process your film right there in the store, so you can pick them up in about 1/2 hour. As these things happen, every once in a while I get a set back that I’m not happy with, and the owner/manager guy will try running a second set (no charge) if there really seems to be a problem.

I don’t personally know anyplace, but my thought is to call B&H Photo (the giant photo equipment store on 34th Street) and see if they do.