Any real camera stores where you are?

In the late 1970s through the early 1990s, I worked for several different photo stores.

I’m in remodel as my primary trade, but i also do a lot of photography. I usually worked at these places part time for the commissions during building slumps. Nice to have something fun and profitable to fall back on.

I even managed a store full time for about a year or so, thinking I might just go ahead and switch careers.

But, I got downsized by store closings. My store (4th one opened in a chain of 6) was profitable, but the chain was in trouble, so they closed all their outlying stores. This is in OKC, OK, btw.

Well, I did a remodel near their old place and noticed it was gone. Moved. To a half of a nearby repair shop.

This town used to have 6 of these stores, and one major competitor with one large location. Now, going by the ad sizes and the droves of people I see not going there, this town barely supports a camera/photo store at all.

How is it where you are?

By my definition, a discount electronic store is not a photo store. A camera/photo store is run and manned by people who either love photography or love photographic equipment. (There is a difference, you know :slight_smile: )

So, where would you go to see the newest Leica M7, to buy a new darkslide for the A12 back for your 500CM, to try on a 300/2.8 on your F2AS,to ask about a certain technique, or to meet camera company reps?

Does your town have one? Several? None?

Up in L.A., I strongly recommend Samy’s Camera. Three stories(!) of photographic l33tness, stocked to the rafters with digital gear, film, light boxes, etc., etc., etc. Fairfax Blvd., between 3rd Street and Wilshire.

It’s about 30 miles away from where I am nowadays, but when I need real photography gear, I’ll make the trip.

Along Market and Powell Streets are no shortage of crap camera stores of the sort lit by 150 fluorescent tubes at the front door and selling off-brands you’ve never seen before. Happily, we do have real camera stores to temper that with.

My office is about three blocks from Adolph Gasser altough it appears they’ve drifted away from sales and concentrate on pro rentals. If they don’t have it, about 35 minutes south of here is Keeble & Schuchat (Check out that Leica MP…yikes!)

Another more than decent shop to the east of here that I’ve bought from is Reed’s

This was going to be my answer. It’s within walking distance of me, and I’ll often head over just to browse for long, long periods of time and drool over a lot of equipment. Great store!

Northern Utah Photographic is the best! The owner/manager is a photo buff and real fun guy to bullshit with. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in in awhile… no money:(

**Inkley’s ** used to be… but its hard to respect anyone who hires a woman who insists there is NO SUCH thing as infrared film because “what would it take a picture of?” :rolleyes:

Yup, and it’s where I got my Bronica. They were bought out by their competitor, but I can still get the toys I like. Henry’s and they’ve got a very good digital section now.

Camera Den was a pretty good shop, although I haven’t been in now in several years. Over the course of 15 years or so, my family probably bought 10 high-end pro-am 35 mm SLR bodies, and a bunch of lenses, accessories, film, etc. As far as I know, they’re still around, and still a good place to talk photography.

For a while, we bought some stuff from Inkley’s. At the time (nearly 20 years ago) the guy who managed two of the local stores belonged to the same camera club that my folks and I did, and often gave a decent little discount to members. But it seemed like they turned into little more than an electronic store with a camera counter. Although I think they still do good custom developing, prints, etc. Again, I haven’t been in one now for quite a while.

There are 3 or 4, maybe a few more here in Austin…

We’ve got [url=“”]Carlisle Camera Shop. They’ve got all the toys, and they can do custom photo processing.

We’ve also got a real portrait photography studio, as well.


Ah, crap.

Carlisle Camera Shop


My boss just bought a brand new Canon 500 or 800 or some shit at Wolf in Tulsa. He paid almost $1,000.00 for it, but can’t afford to give me a raise? Yeah, right.

He can take a picture of my ( ! )

But I’m not bitter or anything…

Hi RJKUgly!

I was in one camera store in SLC. But I dont think it was Camera Den. Have you ever been to Picture Line downtown? They are pretty good and well stocked but I always seem to feel like a clod when I go there.
A quick look in the phone book reveals Wasatch Photographic my photo professor at Weber State Univ. is particularily fond of them. Phone book also reveals a new supply store in NOrth Ogden about 15 min drive from me. I shall have to take my self up thee and check them out1

There are about a dozen little camera stores here in Dublin that I can think of. They appear not to do an enormous amount of business, but they survive.

I always wondered what the European version of a photo store would be like.
Anyone in Houston still use SouthWestern Camera? That was an awesome place in the 1980s.

Toronto has Vistek and Henry’s at the least. There may be more that I’m not aware of.

Jessops are the UK’s best known chain, and I’ve only heard good things about them.

George’s Camera in San Diego is probably the best we have. At first, I was rather put off by their sort of snooty attittude, but I got to know a couple of the sales people, and now they’re pretty friendly to me. One time I was searching for a Yashica T4, which had been discontinued, and the guy behind the counter sold me his, which had only been used once.

No, never been there. Are they newer? Due to circumstances, I haven’t been playing with my photography for 10 or 15 years, other than to get snapshots here and there.

I’ve been in Wasatch Photographic many times, although not in many years. As I recall we bought the bulk of our darkroom equipment and supplies there. I never really hung out there and got to know anyone, though. My memory is that they were really geared toward the pro and not amateurs, dedicated though we may have been. I guess I felt kind of intimidated. :slight_smile:

Damn, this makes me want to get out my gear and go shoot something.

You go to B&H.

There are, of course, plenty of small camera stores in the city, but B&H has to be seen to be believed. They’ve expanded from photography to “things you look at” – DVD, telescopes, whatever, but they haven’t left their photography roots behind. The place is huge – half a city block or so. Every department is staffed by a guy or guys who totally know their stuff and they give you a great price. There’s alwaysalwaysalways a line in most departments. There’s actually a system of conveyor buckets running along the ceiling to move stock around.

When it’s time to go to a digital SLR, these guys will probably get the trade.

Bedford Camera & Video. Paper, chemicals, more tripods than you can shake a stick at.
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